ccNewsletter now supports newsletter statisticsWe have released ccNewsletter 1.6 some time ago and almost forgot to communicate an important new feature... newsletter statistics with "Reports"! You can now easily track the effectiveness of your newsletter. When you update (which is as simple as installing ccNewsleter 1.6 over your current version) you automatically start tracking Opens and Unsubscribes in your new newsletters, no setup required. Continue reading for a screenshot and explanation. 


 How to download? 
If your order is active, go to the downloads for the free update.
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ccNewsletter reports overview

With the new ccNewsletter version, every time you send a newsletter it is added as a separate "report" in the new Reports view. That means that you can very easily track what newsletter is sent when, to who and how successful that newsletter was. When ccNewsletter detects that you did not complete sending the newsletter to all subscribers, for whatever reason, there is an orange warning and a smart "Continue" button that will continue sending the newsletter exactly where you stopped until you get that nice little green label you see at "My first newsletter"!

With "Opens" you see how many times your newsletters are opened. And "Unsubs." shows you how many people unsubscribed from ccNewsletter after having received that specific newsletter. Let's hope that doesn't happen to often!

We want to expand the reporting functionality in the future, so please let us know if you have any more things you would like us to add to reports!

 How to download? 
If your order is active, go to the downloads.
Order expired? You can renew with a 30% discount!