iDEAL for Hikashop, Virtuemart, RSForm ProcciDEAL iDEAL for Joomla! extensions

Easily implement iDEAL in popular Joomla! extensions like Virtuemart, HikaShop, RSForm Pro and more... with cciDEAL!

Compatible Joomla! versions

iDEAL component for Virtuemart, HikaShop and RSForm Pro


  • Add iDEAL payments to Joomla! extensions
  • Flexible payment button for Joomla! articles
  • Works with most important iDEAL accounts
  • Professional support from iDEAL experts
  • Payment process optimized for conversion
  • Payments overview to quickly check statuses


FOR ONLY €77,-
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Including one year of personal support and updates, and the unencrypted extension for use on unlimited websites, excluding VAT for some EU consumers
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 After the first year you can renew your access to support and downloads with a 30% discount
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Chill Creations is een Nederlands bedrijf cciDEAL wordt ontwikkeld door Chill Creations, een Nederlands bedrijf.
Wij hebben sinds 2008 iDEAL in meer dan duizend Joomla! websites geimplementeerd!

Supported banks and PSP's

ING iDEAL Advanced
Basic & Advanced

Rabobank iDEAL Professional in Joomla!
iDEAL Professional

Rabobank OmniKassa in Joomla!
Rabo OmniKassa

iDEAL ABN AMRO in Virtuemart and Joomla!


Mollie iDEAL for Joomla!

TargetPay integration

Sisow in Virtuemart and Joomla!


iDEAL plugin Hikashop and Joomla!" An excellent component, great and quick support. It was a piece of cake to integrate iDEAL into my site. Thanks Chill Creations!" Theo, 


Supported Joomla! extensions

Build a shopping cart in Joomla! with the completely new Virtuemart! User-friendly but powerful! View the Virtuemart website or our implementation manual


Build a form in Joomla! for registrations, feedback, simple sales and more and ask form submitters to pay an amount with iDEAL. View the RSForm Pro website or our implementation manual


Create a flexible Joomla! e-commerce website with built-in marketing tools, effective store management and accept payments via iDEAL. View the HikaShop website or our implementation manual


An smart solution to sell tickets for events on your own Joomla! website. Tickets can be paid for with Paypal and iDEAL and will be automatically sent to your customers. View the RD-Ticketmaster website or our implementation manual


Create and e-mail (PDF) invoices to your customers, directly from your Joomla! website. Then, accept payments for the invoice via iDEAL! View the ccInvoices information or our implementation manual


Easily add one or multiple iDEAL payment buttons directly into Joomla! articles for donations, invoice payments, a simple webshop and more. View the Joomla! website or our implementation manual


SobiPro, the new Sobi2, a directory extension for building a directory for jobs, recipes and more. Visitors pay with iDEAL to add entries. View the SobiPro website or our manual


Sell webhosting or domain names with JoomISP, and accept payments from Dutch customers with iDEAL. View the JoomISP website or our implementation manual


RSEvents!Pro is an integrated events manager for Joomla! that makes it easy to professionally sell tickets in Joomla! with iDEAL. View the RSEvents!Pro website or our implementation manual


Manage memberships and share access to downloads, folders and content based on a membership that can be purchased online with iDEAL. View the RSMembership! website or our implementation manual


Simple Caddy is a very simple Joomla! webshop extension. It works directly in your Joomla! articles and has only the basic features you need for a webshop. View the Simple Caddy website or our implementation manual

Build an advanced webshop with no limitations to design, statistics, default search engine optimization, multiple payment methods and iDEAL. View the redSHOP website or our implementation manual


Sell and manage subscriptions with iDEAL payments for website access or (software) downloads or other digital products and services. View the Akeeba Subscriptions website or our implementation manual


Use RSDirectory to build a business directory, a car sales website & a classifieds directory and more. Ask people to pay with iDEAL for submissions. View the RSDirectory website or our implementation manual



David de Boer, founder of Chill Creations, regularly has presentations about iDEAL, Joomla! webshops and payment extensions at the Dutch Joomla! user groups and Joomla!Days. View the presentations here.


Happy customers

 A few of the over 70 reviews on the Joomla! Extensions Directory

I installed cciDEAL on a Joomla site with Hikashop. Piece of cake, but.... my client insisted on a hosting platform with IIS instead of Linux. Problems with logging because of chmod. The support ticket was answered very quick, Chill Creations did a great job solving the problems! Almost 24/7 service. Thank you!
— Han Wijman, HW Applicaties
Chill Creations made a great extension. I use it for RSmembership and RSevents in combination with Mollie iDEAL. Easy to install and good support from these guys. Worth buying this component!
— Jeroen Moolenshot, Joomill
Wow, never experienced such an easy iDEAL implementation before! cciDEAL for Virtuemart is a winner. Also has very detailed and easy to understand documentation.  
— Sander de Wijs, de Grinthorst
An excellent component for the number one payment method in Holland, iDEAL. Great and quick support. I'm using it in Simple Caddy and it was a piece of cake to integrate it in my site. Thanks Chill Creations!
— Theo Prinssen, Sitemoves


Features and screenshots

Easy installation via Joomla!

Easy installation via Joomla!

Installing cciDEAL is as easy as it can get, just use the Joomla! extensions manager and you're done! The payment plugins are also easily installed


Activate integrations with popular Joomla! extensions with a click - not code

The iDEAL integration into payment extensions such as RSForm Pro and HikaShop is easy and can be done without the knowledge of code. To enable an integration, find your extension in the "Integrations" overview and click "Install". This will add and enable the iDEAL plugin for you, so you do not have to use FTP or MySQL/PHPMyAdmin to get things running. This could not be easier!


Straight forward configuration

Straight forward configuration

The iDEAL account details can be entered in the administrator section of cciDEAL  there is no need to adjust PHP files within your website root.


Send a notification to any email address when payments are started

Sometimes you want to know whenever a payment is started, and receive a notification even before the payment is paid. cciDEAL has a smart function especially for this. You can now inform yourself or others that people have started a payment on the site, and you will always receive this email even when the order is not paid. We developed this feature because not all third party extensions send a notification when the payment is cancelled, so now with cciDEAL YOU decide when that happens!


Informative payments overview

Informative payments overview

View a very informative payments overview, which shows the status of payments, which extension requested the payment, the transaction ID and more.


Payments in Joomla! articles

Payments in Joomla! articles

The easiest way to accept payments, is with the cciDEAL content plugin for Joomla! articles. Add payment buttons for invoices, donations and more!


Easily create certificates

Easily create certificates

With our certificate generator for ING Advanced and Rabobank Professional' you can quickly create security certificates with a few clicks, for free!


Layout optimized for sales

Layout optimized for sales

The iDEAL "Select your bank" pages in cciDEAL have a clean and logical layout, so customers instinctively know what is expected of them (to pay the order!).


Immediately retry payments

Immediately retry payments

If for whatever reason a payment is not successful, for example the customer forgot the "random reader", the payment can be immediately retried.  


Automatic updates

Automatic payment status updates

The payment status is communicated back to the site, so the status is automatically updated in Joomla! (with ING Advanced, Rabo Pro, Mollie and TargetPay).


Built-in update notification and one-click updates

You do not have to visit our website to see if there is an update for cciDEAL. There is a built-in update notification that let's you know when we released an update and you can update to the latest version right from the Joomla administrator. This saves time and improves your (customers) experience, as you always have the most stable and recent version!


Why choose Chill Creations?

Professional support

If you need help, you can expect our Joomla! experts to provide fast and professional support. Development and support of our extensions is our main focus and priority, not a hobby. 

100% Open Source

You will not be locked in! We believe in the freedoms of open source. You get the full source code and are free to do any modifications to our Joomla! extensions. We do not encrypt our extensions with IonCube, and do not add hidden backlinks. 

Highly rated extensions

You can trust us to deliver quality. About 93% of our customers rate our extensions and support with 5 stars in the Joomla! Extensions Directory, and the other 7% rate us with 4 stars!

Money back guarantee

Are you not sure our Joomla! extensions will fit your needs? Try them out without any risk. If they just don't work for you, we will refund your order completely and without questions.

Customers in 60+ countries

We have thousands of new customers every year, joining us from over 60 countries around the world. That is why our extensions are flexible so it is possible to adjust them to your specific needs in almost all cases. 

Experienced with Joomla!

You will not be left in the dark. We have over 8 years of experience with the Joomla! CMS and over 11 years of experience with web technologies. We plan to stick around and keep our extensions up to date and in development. 

FOR ONLY €77,-
 Available instantly after purchase
Including one year of personal support and updates, and the unencrypted extension for use on unlimited websites, excluding VAT for some EU consumers
Accepted payment methods

 Yes, you can keep using the extension after the one-year support and downloads period expires
 After the first year you can renew your access to support and downloads with a 30% discount
 Ask us any question you might have or read our presale questions before you buy

iDEAL plugin for Joomla!"Chill Creations made a great extension. Easy to install and good support from these guys. Worth buying this component!" - Jeroen,