PDF Billing and Invoicing  extension for VirtuemartccVAOM

Virtuemart Advanced Orders

Virtuemart order management and PDF invoice creation for professional webshops. Start saving time the day you install ccVAOM.

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ccVAOM Virtuemart Advanced Order Export
  • Manually or automatically create PDF invoices
  • Batch process multiple orders with a few clicks
  • 100% Joomla! extension, no Virtuemart hacks!
  • Export orders and invoices in CSV file format
  • Create packing slips, order lists and more
  • Easily customize order and other templates


Best Virtuemart PDF invoicing component"We handle 50 to 100 orders a day and ccVAOM saves us lots of time. Due to this our company is more efficient and our profit is higher!" All4games.nl

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View examples of the powerful batchbar which will allow you to process multiple orders and invoices in a batch!
 A few of the over 93 reviews on the Joomla! Extensions Directory
Chill Creations' support is absolutely top notch! I had an issue after installing the extension on an old Joomla! version, submitted a ticket and within a few hours, I got reply and all is working fine! That is going above and beyond in my book. I just wish that other Joomla developers who are going to ask for my hard earned money would treat me at least half as well! Great job, Chill Creations! Thank you!
— Curtis O. Seebeck, Turntex Woodworks
This is a great solution, well thought out, not too over engineered and does what it says on the tin. As an experienced Joomla and open source developer this product is easy to install, setup and maintain. The hands down best part about Chill Creations is their support team and the level of support that you get is brilliant. Superb value for money. 5 stars!!
— Rich Dunning, RDunning Information Technologies
This extension is brilliant. My warehouse can batch process orders i.e. creates multiple invoices, print labels, and change order status to send really easy now. The few issues I have had, mostly requirements from my warehouse, have been fixed or added extremely fast by customer service. I can give my warmest recommendations to this product and dev team. It is a pleasure when people care about their customers! I care back!
— Kristian Kamstrup, Netdyrlæge.dk
I have been using ccVAOM for about 2 months now. My client needed a specially formatted output that could be easily printed on a pre-printed form that was 8.5 X 14 (legal) size. Using the ccVAOM "Packing slip" template I was able to create the exact content in the exact format necessary to print this form. On the few occasions when I needed to contact support I received a prompt response every time. In all cases they were able to quickly solve my problems. I use a lot of Joomla extensions - I have over 70 active clients - and Chill Creations are at the very top of the list as far as quality of their product and their support team!
— Mike Ronayne, Amherst Partners

popular Virtuemart extension

Advanced order batching for Virtuemart

Powerful order management and export

The core of ccVAOM is a powerful overview of your orders (and invoices), which gives you options that Virtuemart can't. This interface will improve business workflow on a daily basis. Export Virtuemart orders, invoices, packing slips, address labels.

The batchbar (on top of order list) allows smart searches and batch processing. Example? How about "export all cancelled orders from today as PDF" batch?


Better Virtuemart customer order overview

Customer order(s) overview

Allow your customers to view order information and download their orders/invoices. This standalone page is not a hack of Virtuemart and can be shown in the site with a regular menu item.


Virtuemart DYMO address label export


Virtuemart order and invoice customisation options

Extended configuration options

The configuration gives you all the flexibility you need to align ccVAOM to your professional needs. Match other administrative systems with options like the custom invoice number. 

Automated processing

Automated processing takes away repeating tasks. It also allows you to automatically send orders, invoices or packing slips to certain departments for  speedy processing and delivery.


Batch update Virtuemart order status

Two second order status update

Another example of saving time in the orders and invoices overview is the "Status" column in the information table. An order status can be updated without refreshing the page.


Latest Virtuemart orders module

Improve your business insight

Bundled with ccVAOM comes a little time saver that integrates Virtuemart directly into the Joomla! control panel. Now you can directly view new orders and access Virtuemart when you log in.


Quickly batch create PDF invoices in Virtuemart

Create PDF invoices

With just a few clicks, convert one or multiple Virtuemart orders into PDF invoices. The default invoice template matches the Virtuemart order layout, and can be adjusted to fit (tax) regulations.


Edit Virtuemart order, invoice and other templates

Manage document templates

ccVAOM supports order, invoice, address labels CSV, order/invoice CSV, packing slip and order list documents which can be exported for one or multiple orders. Also manage all email templates.


Edit Virtuemart order, invoice and other templates

Edit order and other templates

Editing any template is extremely easy. With the popular template editor, editing a template is similar to editing a Joomla! article. HTML knowledge is not mandatory to achieve the changes you require. 


Built-in update notification and one-click updates

You do not have to visit our website to see if there is an update for ccVAOM. There is a built-in update notification that let's you know when we released an update and you can update to the latest version right from the Joomla administrator. This saves time and improves your (customers) experience, as you always have the most stable and recent version!


Professional support

If you need help, you can expect our Joomla! experts to provide fast and professional support. Development and support of our extensions is our main focus and priority, not a hobby. 

100% Open Source

You will not be locked in! We believe in the freedoms of open source. You get the full source code and are free to do any modifications to our Joomla! extensions. We do not encrypt our extensions with IonCube, and do not add hidden backlinks. 

Highly rated extensions

You can trust us to deliver quality. About 93% of our customers rate our extensions and support with 5 stars in the Joomla! Extensions Directory, and the other 7% rate us with 4 stars!

Money back guarantee

Are you not sure our Joomla! extensions will fit your needs? Try them out without any risk. If they just don't work for you, we will refund your order completely and without questions.

Customers in 60+ countries

We have thousands of new customers every year, joining us from over 60 countries around the world. That is why our extensions are flexible so it is possible to adjust them to your specific needs in almost all cases. 

Experienced with Joomla!

You will not be left in the dark. We have over 8 years of experience with the Joomla! CMS and over 11 years of experience with web technologies. We plan to stick around and keep our extensions up to date and in development. 


Virtuemart automatic PDF invoice"Works absolutely perfect. We tried some other extensions, but this is the first no-nonsense solution. Thumbs up for Chill Creations, excellent support!" Syla