The latest test of ccOmniKassa was with Hikashop 2.3.x. The fastest and easiest way to implement ccOmniKassa is to use a Hikashop version as close to the above as possible. We will regularly test ccOmniKassa with new Hikashop versions. 
  1. First install Hikashop in the Joomla! website. 
  2. Then download the latest ccOmniKassa version from our downloads section, and install it.
  3. Download the ccOmniKassa plugins package from our downloads section (inside the latest release), unzip it, and install the latest HikaShop plugin in Joomla! via the Extension Manager. 
  4. Configure the Hikashop plugin
    1. In the Joomla! administrator, go to Hikashop > System > Payment Methods 
    2. Open the ccOmniKassa plugin "Hikashop - ccOmniKassa"
    3. Optional: click on the edit icon next to Zone (on the right) and select Netherlands (or any other country) if you want ccOmniKassa not to work for all countries, but only the selected. If you want ccOmniKassa to work for all countries, do not use this function. 
    4. At the statusses, choose your desired status after different payments.
    5. Invalid status could be "Geannuleerd" or "Canceled"
    6. Pending status could be "Geplaatst" or "Created"
    7. Verified status could be "Betaald" or "Confirmed"
  5. Because Rabo OmniKassa supports muliple payment methods, you can choose if and how you want to display them in HikaShop to the webshop customers. 
    1. Use the Media Manager (Content > Media Manager) or FTP to go to /media/com_hikashop/images/payment.
    2. Download and unzip this file with payment method logos here
    3. The file contains different images with the payment methods supported by Rabo OmniKassa. The PSD's are also included so you could also edit the images.
    4. iDEAL only: If you only use iDEAL in Rabo OmniKassa, there are small, medium and large (in English and Dutch) iDEAL logos which can be used, there file name starts with "ideal_".
    5. All payment methods: if you use all payment methods supported by Rabo OmniKassa, use the image "all_payment_methods.png". 
    6. Some payment methods: if you use only a few of the payment methods supported by Rabo OmniKassa, open all_payment_methods.psd in Photoshop (or similar software) and re-arrange the payment method layers. 
    7. PostNL: we have also added a PostNL logo for your convience, which can be used for your shipping methods. 
    8. After you have chosen/modified a payment method image, upload it to the "payment" folder.
    9. Go back to Hikashop and click "Save" in the toolbar, so the Configuration tab is refreshed.
    10. On the right, click on the edit icon next to "Images", and select the preferred OmniKassa logo.
  6. Now, if needed, also edit the payment method Name and Description (on the left). 
  7. Click on save, without changing anything else. The configuration should now be correct. 
You can now configure your Rabo OmniKassa account in the "Configuration for ccOmniKassa" chapter.