The latest test of our Rabo OmniKassa integration was with SobiPro 1.1.x. The fastest and easiest way to implement Rabo OmniKassa is to use a SobiPro version as close to the above as possible. We will regularly test ccOmniKassa with new SobiPro versions. 
  1. First install SobiPro in the Joomla! website, and make sure all SobiPro system requirements are met. If your server does not support all SobiPro system requirements, we can not assist you with support! 
  2. Then download the latest ccOmniKassa version from our downloads section, and install it in Joomla!.
  3. Download the ccOmniKassa plugins package from our downloads section (inside the latest release), unzip it, and install the latest SobiPro plugin in Joomla! via the Extension Manager. 
  4. In the Joomla! administrator, go to Extensions > Plugin Manager, and use the filter to search for "Rabo OmniKassa".
  5. In the results, find the "System - SobiPro - ccOmniKassa" plugin and make sure it is enabled. 
  6. Rabo OmniKassa should now be available as SobiPro application and in every "Add entry form" by default. Refer to the SobiPro manual for further instructions on how to setup SobiPro and accept payments for entries. 
  7. You can continue and configure your Rabo OmniKassa account in the "Configuration of ccOmniKassa" chapter of the manual.
After you configured your Rabo OmniKassa account and have done a payment, you can view the payment status in Components > SobiPro > Select a section > Entries & Categories > All Entries. The Rabo OmniKassa status will be shown in the State and Approval categories, and that status will be updated automatically. You can also view the payment status in the ccOmniKassa payment overview page.