ccInvoicesSometimes a simple change is all it takes to make users happy. And separating page numbers from the footer in the ccInvoices PDF's is one of those changes that was requested just a little too often. In the past, enabling the footer in a PDF would also show page numbers, and I actually agree with you, that it is not really logical. So now it's possible to enable the footer and separately choosing to enable to show page numbers or not. Enjoy!

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ccInvoicesWith the Joomla ACL and a correctly configured ccInvoices, you can make sure that certain users can only access ccInvoices in the Joomla admin. This allows you to have a group of people (like managers or accountants) to only process invoices in ccInvoices without them seeing other areas within Joomla. It could save you a lot of headaches. I have written a manual which explains "How to only allow administrator access to ccInvoices".

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ccnewsletter iconIn previous versions of ccNewsletter you could add tags like [unsubscribe link], [view online link] and [manage subscriptions] to auto-generate information or links. Now it's possible to use your own custom text in most tags, so you get complete control about how certain links are displayed in your newsletters.

One example is [unsubscribe link] which allows your subscribers to unsubscribe from a newsletter (and by law should be included in every newsletter you send). The tag would be replaced by a default text, taken from the ccNewsletter language files "Click here to unsubscribe". You can now, directly in the newsletter choose a different text like "Get removed from this newsletter now!".

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This article is in Dutch because 99,9% of my cciDEAL customers are Dutch :-)

ccideal iconDe allereenvoudigste manier om iDEAL betalingen ontvangen is gewoon met cciDEAL en zonder andere extensie. Je leest het goed, je kunt ook met alleen cciDEAL betalingen ontvangen in je Joomla website. Ik noem deze mogelijkheid cciDEAL Simpel, en hij bestaat al langer. Je maakt met een eenvoudige code een of meerdere "betaal knoppen" direct in je Joomla artikelen. 

Recent heb ik een aantal verbeteringen doorgevoerd waardoor het opzetten van je eerste betaal knop nog eenvoudiger wordt. Ik zorg er in cciDEAL Simpel namelijk voor dat meer informatie een standaard waarde meekrijgt, tenzij je die anders instelt. Dat betekent dat je met een super korte code al "Betaal knoppen" in je Joomla artikelen kunt toevoegen. 

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One of the things I enjoy most about software development, is the constant user interface improvements that can be done when you get new insights about what is best for your users. That's why you will always notice small little UI improvements in every update of my extensions. Small, because I believe in evolution of software, not revolution. These changes should help you become more productive, not force you to change your workflow. So, in the most recent version of ccInvoices, you will again discover new UI improvements. 

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ccnewsletter iconNew in ccNewsletter is a [manage subscriptions] tag which can be added to the content of a newsletter. It creates a link that will redirect to an overview of all public groups, so users can chose for themselves to what group they want to be subscribed. In the past people could only unsubscribe from the entire ccNewsletter system. Continue reading for a screenshot. 

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