This article is in Dutch because 99,9% of my cciDEAL customers are Dutch :-)

ccideal iconIn 2015 heeft Mollie de betaalmethoden Belfius, paysafecard en SEPA-incasso toegevoegd aan hun betaal systeem. Via enkele eenvoudige wijzigingen in cciDEAL is het nu ook mogelijk om jou klanten met die betaalmethoden af te laten rekenen via cciDEAL. Lees verder voor meer details en een screenshot. 


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On 14 December 2015, the Joomla project announced a new security vulnerability affecting all current versions of Joomla 1.5 through 3.4.5. This vulnerability has been detected in the wild, has been fully documented publicly, and remains an active threat to the security and integrity of most Joomla websites.

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After a long testing period I am happy to announce that ccInvoices now supports Recurring invoices! And because of that long testing period, the functionality should be stable and ready for use. In fact, multiple customers have been using it successfully for months now!

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cciDEAL will try to update all integration plugins you have installed in the site when you update cciDEAL. But in the case that does not work there is a smart "Integrations" view. It shows you all possible cciDEAL integrations and their status: enabled or disabled, current versions, access type and plugin ID. You do not have to search between all Joomla plugins in the Extension Manager, just visit Components > cciDEAL > Integrations.

There are also links to directly download a plugin (so you can view the code or install it manually) and a direct link to the integration manual. The idea of the integrations view is that you can save time and keep your iDEAL integration healty!

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I am constantly improving cciDEAL based on customer feedback and suggestions. So in new versions you might find small usability improvements, but also large code refactorings. Every time you update, in a few easy steps via the Joomla Extension Manager, you get better and more user friendly software. Below I have listed a few of the changes in the latest versions of cciDEAL.

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Watchful support for cciDEAL, ccNewsletter, cciDEAL

If you are responsible for one or multiple Joomla websites, Watchful is the tool that will save you a lot of time. The biggest time saver is that it allows you to update all your Joomla websites and extensions from one location. With the latest versions of my extensions, Watchful can now also update all instances of cciDEAL, ccNewsletter and ccInvoices on the various sites you maintain. But that's not all, this pro-user tool has many superpowers!

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