Dutch Joomla!Days 2012Get your tickets for the Dutch Joomla!days 2012 now with a 25% discount! The ticket shop is now open, so make sure you will not be disappointed! Last time tickets where SOLD OUT! 

The two-day event will be held in Zeist on Saturday April 21st and Sunday April 22nd. Just like last year I can really encourage any Dutch Joomla! user to visit these days! The 2011 Joomla!Days where great fun and an awesome learning experience!

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virtuemart_logoNow that Virtuemart 2.0 is almost stable, its time to get to know this new version a little better. First, have a look at our previous blog "Virtuemart 2.0 review and screenshots".  

Then, you might want to have a look at this short Virtuemart 2.0 introductory tutorial/manual by our friends at Open Source Training. Virtuemart 2.0 is very young, so this is probably one of the most accurate manuals for this version available at the moment. 

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How to update/upgrade Joomla! 1.5

The extension "Simple Content Versioning" for Joomla! is one of those extensions you should be installing in every Joomla! website by default, together with Akeeba Backup (backups), Admin Tools (security) and JCE (advanced wysiwyg editor). The extension setup takes almost no time at all, making it a no-brainer.

It gives a Joomla! site easy to use article version control or in simpler terms: automatic backups for your articles. Do note, it only works with default Joomla! articles (no K2, ZOO etc support). 

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How to update/upgrade Joomla! 1.5

Joomla! is not (just) a framework for building ad-hoc web applications. Joomla! is a successful attempt to allow everyone, from Joe Average to Jack Sitebuilder to Acme Corp- to differentiate, build a website easily and succeed. Joomla! is an enabler of success. And that requires being in touch with your user base and iterating.

- By Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos from Akeeba Backup.com

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When adding text to a website (for yourself or a customer), don't you sometimes get the feeling that something is missing? If you do, try adding free icons to spice the Joomla! website up! 

Icons add a new dimension to any website text, which your site visitors will love. If used correctly, icons can make text seem more friendly, professional and colourful. They can also help the reader find the information he is looking for. Continue reading for 100+ free icons!

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virtuemart_logoOne of the Virtuemart feature requests we get a lot is an option to disable the default Virtuemart order confirmation e-mail or the ability to let customers pay an order before they confirm it. Webshop owners want to disable this because in Virtuemart, payment is often done after order confirmation. It is possible that a customer does confirm the order, but then does not continue to pay. The customer then does receive an order confirmation, and that is what webshop owners want removed. 

This can be done with a little Virtuemart 1.1 hack, but please note, we do not provide support for it. If you want to implement this hack, you do that at your own risk, by following the short manual below.


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