Joomla! shopping carts presentation at JUG AmsterdamOn September the 3rd I will be in Amsterdam to tell you all about Joomla! e-commerce. Off course I will cover Joomla! shopping cart extensions like Virtuemart and HikaShop and payment systems like iDEAL and Paypal. But I will also explain more lightweight solutions for selling products, downloads and services online on a Joomla! website with lesser known e-commerce extensions like TicketMaster, RSForm Pro and JoomISP. Visit the Joomla! User Group in the center of Amsterdam to learn more. Read more about the location and time here.

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Joomla! e-commerce presentation at JUG RotterdamNext week, on the 18th of June you can meet me in Rotterdam where I will be presenting about Joomla! shopping carts and e-commerce. I will focus on the two top e-commerce extensions, HikaShop and Virtuemart. But I will also pay attention to the creative payment extensions, like RSForm Pro, that you can use with iDEAL, so you don't have to install a complex Joomla! shopping cart at all. Feel free to drop by! Read more about the location and time here.

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Dutch Joomla!Days 2013

It brings me great pleasure to announce that Chill Creations will be sponsoring the Dutch Joomla!days that are held at the end of the week! Besides financially supporting one of the most interesting web development events in the Netherlands, I will be giving two presentations and have a few other gifts from us to you!



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Joomla! Humble Bundle 

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Joomla! e-commerce presentation at JUG HeerenveenMeet me in Heerenveen, the Netherlands, on April 2nd, when I will be visiting the local Joomla! User Group. I will be presenting about Joomla! shopping carts at the JUG Heerenveen and you are welcome to join us! Off course I will discuss the current status of Virtuemart, but I will also focus on the new e-commerce extensions and possibilities. I hope to teach you which e-commerce extension is the perfect fit for your next project! Learn more about the presentation and location details in the presentation announcement.  

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How to update/upgrade Joomla! 1.5

Looking for an overview of Joomla! 3 extension developer information? Look no further! Just like the last time we needed to convert our Joomla! extensions to the latest Joomla! version, I have been collecting links and information about Joomla! 3 for our developers. Below, find our list of Joomla! 3 resources, covering the framework and interface (twitter bootstrap) changes in Joomla! 3.  

The information can be used to convert Joomla! 1.5 and/or Joomla! 2.5 extensions to work under Joomla! 2.5 and 3. The Joomla! 2.5 extension development resources are actually a well visited article on our website, so I hope this version might be of use to all of you too!

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