ccNewsletter 1.0.7 bugfix release

bugfix_releaseAfter working on this version for months, it is finally ready to be released! With 40+ issues investigated and fixed, its probably the most stable version of ccNewsletter 1.0.x ever. Time to upgrade!

ccNewsletter 1.0.7 is a bugfix release, also containing the security fix for 1.0.6 which we released last week. You can get it now in the downloads section.

Again, I would advice everyone to upgrade to 1.0.7. The workarounds some of you have being using in ccNewsletter versions previous to 1.0.7 will probably not be needed anymore when using 1.0.7. 

Download ccNewsletter 1.0.7 here, version 1.0.6 and 1.0.7 contain security and bug fixes!

Most important issues fixed

  • Image and link issues
  • Issues with tags (you can use [name] again)
  • Tags are no longer language dependent, so its always [name], [unsubscribe link] etc
  • Issues with strange characters (?@>:;! and more) and Arabic characters 
  • Terms & Conditions popup now also in normal popup mode to avoid template/mootools conflicts
  • Images are now embedded into the newsletter
  • Errors and warnings in older versions of PHP 
  • Preview newsletter, test newsletter and actual newsletter are now 100% identical (using same process)

Please note that the import/export functionality still seems to be buggy at times. We will make sure these are addressed in the next release (that will probably be ccNewsletter 1.0.8).

If you have any questions, and have an active support subscription, send a support email. 

ccNewsletter 1.1 and ccNewsletter manual

In other news, we have already started work on ccNewsletter 1.1 and the following functionality is already completed: frontend viewing of newsletters, math captcha for module, one-install for module and component, optional unsubscribe verification. Version 1.1 will also contain an improved (backend) newsletters page, that will be more user friendly, and efficient. 

We are also expanding the ccNewsletter manual and adding it to the website. You can already view the first draft (when logged in) under Support > Manuals > ccNewletter manuals in the main menu.