Indev extensions: we want YOUR feedback

Indev Joomla! extensionsAn indev extension is an extension we are considering, planning or already developing. Our indev (in development) extensions give you the chance to influence the functionality and scope of our new extensions.

“You love to give feedback? Great, we love to receive it!”

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When developing Joomla! extensions, there are endless questions that we as extension developers can ask ourselves. Do we add option A, B or C? Does the user want to interact in this way, or that way? Is export functionality to CSV required? Integation with Virtuemart or Tienda? A blue or red default template?


But, as end-user, you should be answering these questions, not us! So we cooked up “indev extensions” for you, and actually for us also. Indev extensions give us a more solid idea of what you need, early on in the planning and development process, saving time and getting those extensions released earlier. So thank you for helping us, and yourself!

Have a look at our current indev extensions, there just might be an extension you were waiting for!

Current indev extensions: