cciDEAL 2.2.1: easier install in Virtuemart

bugfix_releaseThis month we released cciDEAL 2.2.1 as a bug fix version, which actually had just one major improvement: an all-new installation procedure! The new installation procedure checks file and folder permissions, Zend Optimizer version and validity of the license.lic file* before the actual installation.

Read more and view the screenshot after the break!



This file and folder permissions checks are the most important and run before the cciDEAL files are actually moved into the Joomla! website.  This eliminates the following issues:

  • Blank page after cciDEAL installation
  • Blank page after saving cciDEAL configuration
  • iDEAL not viewable in Payment Methods page

If files or folders do not have the correct permissions, the installer will show what files and folders need to be changed (sometimes temporarily) to complete the installation. The new installer only lets you proceed after all files and folders are writable.

*Zend Optimizer? License.lic file?
Yes, unlike our other extensions, cciDEAL is not (yet) open source or licensed under the GPL, and is therefore encrypted with Zend Optimizer technology. Most servers support Zend Optimizer by default, so not to worry!