ccInvoices 1.1, next generation Joomla! invoicing

ccInvoices - invoicing and billing for Jooma!

ccInvoices 1.0 is coming along nicely, and will hopefully be stable soon. We will probably miss our July deadline for 1.0, but the good news is that I already received version 1.1 for testing this week. Because ccInvoices 1.1 is also looking really promising, I created a short demo video for any interested users.

ccInvoices 1.1 will have frontend invoice viewing (for your customers). It will be really easy to add Joomla! users to a certain contact, so they can log in to your website to view and download invoices. In ccInvoices 1.2, we will also add the ability to pay invoices online (with Paypal and iDEAL).

The ccInvoices 1.1 in this video is beta, so if you spot any bugs, don’t worry. They will be fixed in the stable version Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on twitter if you want to stay posted about ccInvoices or any of our other extensions.