What about ccNewsletter Pro?

What about ccNewsletter Pro?We have communicated that we wanted to expand ccNewsletter with professional functionality for quite some time. And some of you have already asked us what the planned release date for this “ccNewsletter Pro” will be. Well, at the moment we have 2 batches of code:

  • ccNewsletter 1.1: with front end viewing of newsletters and revamped back end

  • ccNewsletter Pro 1.0: with multiple lists and auto responders

In this blog post let me tell you about our current plans. First off all its important that you realise you should not wait for ccNewsletter Pro. If you need certain functionality now, have a look at the Joomla! Extensions Directory and select a stable extension that has all the options you need.

To continue, it would be logical to finish “ccNewsletter Pro” and release that code that has being sitting on the shelve for a long time. But we want to try something different, that -if it works- benefits more Joomla! users.

An outline of the idea was already mentioned in point 4, in the “ccNewsletter is now commercial GPL” post. The idea is “commercially backed free extensions for the Joomla! community”, which means we want to release just one version of all our extensions, not a “light” and “pro” version.

Our goal now is to release ccNewsletter 1.1 as soon as possible, as a commercial extension, with the currently developed functionality. After that we will merge the ccNewsletter Pro code into ccNewsletter to create ccNewsletter 1.2. ccNewsletter 1.1 will then probably become free for download, as ccNewsletter 1.2 is our new commercial version.

So this means that eventually all Joomla! users will have access to a rapidly developed professional Joomla! newsletter extension.