The future of Joomla!: the Joomla! Idea Pool

Joomla! Idea PoolAs Joomla! 1.6 is reaching completion, the Joomla! core team has opened the “Joomla! Idea Pool“. It is a website based on Uservoice, collecting ideas for future versions of Joomla!

What is extremely cool about this site, is that everyone (including you and me!) can now suggest new features for future Joomla versions, and vote on them! You can now have a direct input into the future of Joomla!.

The Joomla! team had published a few blog posts about the changes:

By the way, there are at least two Joomla! extensions with almost the same functionality as Uservoice. If you would like to use an extension to easily get feedback on a Joomla! website, have a look at JA Voice and Beeheard