Adding Rabo OmniKassa to Joomla! articles

It is possible to accept Rabo OmniKassa payments from within Joomla! articles with great flexibility and ease. With this function you could for example accept donations or get payments for an invoice/order. The amount to be paid and payment ID can be fixed by you or kept “open” so the user can enter his/her preferred value. It is also possible to use a dropdown from which the user can select an amount to be paid. 

To use this function you need to enable the cciDEAL plugins first. Go to Extensions > Plug-in Manager and search for “iDEAL” in the filter. Enable the “Editor button – cciDEAL” and “Content – plugin – cciDEAL” plugins. 


This article explains adding Rabo OmniKassa to Joomla! extensions, more about cciDEAL >>>

Rabo OmniKassa button in Joomla! articles

To add an cciDEAL form to any Joomla! article, a simple “tag” is added to the article. That tag will then in the site generate an cciDEAL form. An example cciDEAL form is shown below. The form can handle all payment methods supported by your Rabo OmniKassa account and your contract with the Rabobank, not just iDEAL!

iDEAL payment via Joomla! articles

cciDEAL tag in the administrator

On installation cciDEAL will also install an editor plugin, which shows an Rabo OmniKassa button, as marked in the below image. When that button is clicked, the default cciDEAL tag is added to the Joomla! article. That tag can be customized to fit your needs, and will generate the cciDEAL form in the website. 
Add Rabo OmniKassa to Joomla! articles
The default cciDEAL tag is:
{cciDEAL title=”Nu_betalen” amount_by_user amount=”15.00,22.00″ amount_text=”Kies_bedrag:” paymentid_none paymentid_by_user paymentid=”399″ paymentid_text=”Kenmerk:” extra_textfield extra_textarea extra_textfield_required extra_textarea_required extra_text=”Informatie:” submit_button=”Verder” }

Customizing your cciDEAL form

The above code has to be customized to your wishes before it is usable. All possibilities are explained in below table and image.
Please note that all values between braces “..” should use an underscore  _, not spaces!
You can add only one “type” per button, for extended forms consider our integration with RSForm Pro.

Type Possible values
title Title above the form, “Betaal_met_Rabo OmniKassa” by default

There are three options for the amount shown in the form

  • A fixed single amount can be created by adding: amount=”15.00″
  • Multiple fixed amounts in a dropdown can be created by: amount=”15.00,22.00″
  • An input field so a user can enter an amount can be created by: amound_by_user
amount_text The title of the amount field, “Kies_bedrag:” by default
paymentid There are a few different options for the payment ID in the form

  • To set a fixed payment ID, use the code: paymentid=”399″
  • For no payment ID to be visible to the user at all (cciDEAL will generate one), the following code should be used: paymentid_none
  • To allow the user to enter a payment ID himself, add the code: paymentid_by_user

This value can be removed from the tag if you don’t want to show a payment ID.

paymentid_text The title of the payment id, “Kenmerk:” by default. This value can be removed from the tag if you don’t want to show a payment ID. 

This can be used to collect just a little bit more information about the user or payment. The field will change nothing about the Rabo OmniKassa payment, it will only register the information submitted by the user, and show it in the “Extra information” field in the cciDEAL Payments page. These fields will accept letters, numbers, spaces and . , ? ! @ #. Other symbols are blocked for security reasons.

These fields can be used to collect, for example names, e-mail addresses, comments or other short messages. They allow you to easier identify the payment then with only the paymentid fields mentioned above. 

  • optional text field, maximum input 100 characters, use the code extra_textfield
  • required text field, maximum input 100 charecters, use the code extra_textfield_required 
  • optional text area, use the code extra_textarea 
  • required text area, use the code extra_textarea_required

This value can be removed from the tag if you don’t want to show an extra text field or area. 

extra_text The title of the extra text field or extra text area, “Informatie:” by default. This value can be removed from the tag if you don’t want to show an extra text field or area. 
submit_button Text of the submit button, “Verder” by default


A few cciDEAL tag and form examples

You can copy/paste these examples to your article, they should immediately work!


{cciDEAL title=”Betaal_met_iDEAL” amount=”15.00,22.00″ amount_text=”Kies_bedrag:” paymentid=”399″ paymentid_text=”Kenmerk:” submit_button=”Verder” }


{cciDEAL title=”Betaal_met_iDEAL” amount=”15.00″ amount_text=”Bedrag:” paymentid_by_user paymentid_text=”Uw_factuur:” submit_button=”Verder” }


{cciDEAL title=”Betaal_met_iDEAL” amount_by_user amount_text=”Uw_donatie:” paymentid_none submit_button=”Verder” }


{cciDEAL title=”Betaal_met_iDEAL” amount=”15.00″ amount_text=”Kies_bedrag:” paymentid=”399″ paymentid_text=”Kenmerk:” submit_button=”Verder” }