Adding Rabo OmniKassa to RSForm Pro

You can add Rabo OmniKassa as a payment method to forms in RSForm Pro. This allows you to setup a form with Rabo OmniKassa and all supported payment methods (iDEAL, minitix, credit card and more) in no time! This can be used for a small webshop, donations, down-loadable products and more.

We have tested cciDEAL for implementing Rabo OmniKassa in RSForm Pro, there were no problems. The fastest and easiest way to implement Rabo OmniKassa is to use our cciDEAL extension. We will regularly test our Rabo OmniKassa integration with new RSForm Pro versions. 

This article explains adding Rabo OmniKassa to Joomla! extensions, more about cciDEAL >>>


Please read the official RSForm! Pro Payment Plugin manual, and then read this manual. The RSForm! Pro – Rabo OmniKassa plugin works exactly as the RSForm Pro Paypal plugin, so the RSJoomla! manual also applies to Rabo OmniKassa. 

Install and enable the extensions

  1. Download and install RSForm Pro in the Joomla! website. 
  2. Download the latest cciDEAL version from our downloads section, and install it in Joomla!.
  3. In the Joomla! administrator, go to Extensions > Plugin Manager, and use the filter to search for “RSForm”.
  4. In the results, find the “System – RSForm Pro – cciDEAL” plugin and make sure it is enabled. 
  5. Also enable all other payment plugins: System – RSForm! Pro Paypal, System – RSForm! Pro Payment, System – RSForm! Pro Offline Payment.

RSForm Pro configuration

  1. Go to Components > RSForm! Pro > Configuration
  2. Check the tabs “Payment”, “Paypal” and “iDEAL” one by one
  3. Enter the details that apply to you

Form e-mail settings

When a form is submitted, different e-mails can be sent directly after the form is submitted or only after a successful payment.
To configure this, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to your form at Components > RSForm! Pro > Manage Forms > Your form
  2. In the form, go to the “Properties” tab
  3. In the “Emails” section, open pages “User Emails”, “Admin Emails” and “Additional Emails” and set the details that apply to you
  4. Scroll down to the “Extras” section, open page “Payment Email Settings” and change the settings if required. 

Adding product or donation fields to the form

  1. Go to your form at Components > RSForm! Pro > Manage Forms > Your form
  2. Make sure you are in the “Components” tab
  3. In the bottom left, you will now notice the “payment” fields that can be added to your form.

You can add a single product, multiple products or donation field to the form. You can not add multiple different “payment” field types (for example: two single products field and one donation field) in one form, so choose one.

The “Multiple products” field needs a little more explanation. To add a “Multiple products” field, click on it and then:

  1. Add your preferred details in the Name, Caption and Description fields
  2. In the items field, you can add every product option in this syntax: Product price|Product name. Example of three products:
    10|Product one
    20|Product two
    30|Product three
  3. Under Attributes set whether a user can select multiple products (Multiple? Yes) and View Type (Dropdown or Checkbox)
  4. After your selection is made, click Save.
  5. You can add another Multiple Products field (for other products) or continue. 

Adding payment method fields to the form

  1. After you added product fields, click on the Total field and add it directly under the product fields. 
  2. Now, configure your payment method(s). RSJoomla! has hard coded support for Paypal into RSForm Pro, so the below steps are required!
  3. Add the “Choose Payment” field first
  4. You must always add the “(Payment) Paypal” payment method field, if you do not want to offer Paypal as a payment method, unpublish it
  5. Now add the “(Payment) Rabo OmniKassa” payment method field
  6. Add a “Submit Button” field and your form is ready!
  7. Click “Preview” in the toolbar and give it a try!  

Be sure to test that the form is registered correctly under Components > RSForm Pro > Manage Submissions. also test that the e-mails are sent according to your settings as mentioned under the above “Form e-mail settings” chapter. 

After you configured your Rabo OmniKassa account and have done a payment, you can view the payment status in Components > RSForm Pro > Manage Submissions. Select your form under “View submissions for”. The payment status will be shown in the Paypal status column. You can also view the payment status in the cciDEAL payment overview page.