Adding Rabo OmniKassa to Virtuemart

We have tested our iDEAL integration with Virtuemart. The fastest and easiest way to implement iDEAL is to use our cciDEAL extension. We will regularly test cciDEAL with new Virtuemart versions. 

This article explains adding Rabo OmniKassa to Joomla! extensions, more about cciDEAL >>>

  1. First install Virtuemart in the Joomla! website and make sure it is configured correctly. 
  2. Then download the latest cciDEAL version from our downloads section, and install it in Joomla!.
  3. Enable the iDEAL plugin
    1. In the Joomla! administrator, go to Extensions > Plug-in Manager
    2. Use the filter to search for “iDEAL”
    3. In the results, find the “iDEAL” plugin with name “VM – Payment, iDEAL”  and make sure it is enabled. 
  4. You will need to create and configure the iDEAL payment method in Virtuemart.
    1. Go to Components > Virtuemart > Shop > Payment Methods and in the toolbar click “New”
    2. In the “Payment Method Information” tab
    3. In the “Payment Name” field enter “Payments”. If you do not want to show payment method logo’s in the checkout (configured in step 10.1) enter “iDEAL, MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, MiniTix, automatische incasso, acceptgiro, PostNL Rembours” and remove all payment methods you do not use/have not activated in Rabo OmniKassa. 
    4. Set the “Published” radio button to “Yes”
    5. In the “Payment Description” field enter nothing.
    6. In dropdown “Payment Method” select “VM – Payment, iDEAL”. 
    7. In dropdown “Shopper Group” do not select any group unless applicable. 
    8. In the “List Order” field enter “1” if you consider iDEAL your most important payment method. 
    9. In the top right toolbar, click “Save”
    10. Now open the “Configuration” tab
      1. Use the “Logos” field if you wish to show the payment method logo’s in the Virtuemart checkout:
        1. Use the Media Manager (Content > Media Manager) or FTP to create a folder named “payment” in /images/stories/virtuemart.
        2. Download and unzip this file with payment method logos here iDEAL_logos.zip
        3. The file contains different images with the payment methods supported by Rabo OmniKassa. The PSD’s are also included so you could also edit the images.
        4. iDEAL only: If you only use iDEAL in Rabo OmniKassa, there are small, medium and large (in English and Dutch) iDEAL logos which can be used, there file name starts with “ideal_”.
        5. All payment methods: if you use all payment methods supported by Rabo OmniKassa, use the image “all_payment_methods.png”. 
        6. Some payment methods: if you use only a few of the payment methods supported by Rabo OmniKassa, open all_payment_methods.psd in Photoshop (or similar software) and re-arrange the payment method layers. 
        7. PostNL: we have also added a PostNL logo for your convience, which can be used for your shipping methods. 
        8. After you have chosen/modified a payment method image, upload it to the “payment” folder.
        9. Go back to Virtuemart and click “Save” in the toolbar, so the Configuration tab is refreshed.
        10. Click in the field next to “Logos”, and select the preferred iDEAL logo.
      2. Set “Debug?” radio button to “No”.
      3. Change the “Order Status…” dropdowns to the values you require. Default values are:
        1. Pending = Pending
        2. Successful = Confirmed
        3. Failed = Cancelled
      4. If you need to, set the other fields.
    11. Click “Save” in the top right toolbar to save all changes
  5. The cciDEAL plugin is now implemented in the Virtuemart shop. You can now continue to the Configuration of cciDEAL in the corresponding chapter of the manual.

Confirmation e-mails: by default cciDEAL follows the Virtuemart workflow for confirmation e-mails, and only sends an order confirmation (with status “Confirmed”) if the payment is successful. When a payment is cancelled, the customer is sent back to Virtuemart to choose another payment method. This is the same workflow as the default Paypal plugin in the above noted Virtuemart version. You have some control over the e-mails in Virtuemart under Components > Virtuemart > Configuration > Configuration > Checkout >”Default Order Status” setting.

After you configured your Rabo OmniKassa account and have done a payment, you can view the payment status in Components > Virtuemart > Orders & Shoppers > Orders. You can also view the payment status in the cciDEAL payment overview page.