Spice up any Joomla! website with 100 free icons


When adding text to a website (for yourself or a customer), don’t you sometimes get the feeling that something is missing? If you do, try adding free icons to spice the Joomla! website up! 

Icons add a new dimension to any website text, which your site visitors will love. If used correctly, icons can make text seem more friendly, professional and colourful. They can also help the reader find the information he is looking for. Continue reading for 100+ free icons!

For example, on the ccInvoices product page a reader might have the question “does ccInvoices accept online payments?”, and he will quickly scan the text to stop at the dollar icon, finding the answer (=yes!) to his question.

For our product pages we use the Onebit icons from Icojam, which are free to use in any kind of commercial or non-commercial projects. You can download the 4 sets (1 to 3, 4) (about 100 icons!) from the Icojam website, or download the Onebit icons full package here. In our own package I have given about 95% of the icons logical names, and removed the ones we don’t use, so its easier to search and select the one you need.