Dutch Joomla! days 2013 announced

Dutch Joomla!Days 2013

The dates for the Dutch Joomla! Days 2013 are announced! The Dutch community will meet again on the weekend of 20 & 21 April 2013. As a Dutch company we are really happy with this news and are looking forward to being part of the event once again.  The conference is always professionally organised and well worth the investment for Joomla! enthusiasts and professionals.

The presentations by Dutch and international speakers are always very good and you will surely learn new things. I’m pretty sure Joomla 3.0 (probably 3.1 by then) will also get a lot of attention. Also, do not underestimate the value of meeting other Joomla professionals and enthusiasts face to face.


I will also be available for short meetings with customers between presentations. If you want to convince me of a certain feature (or completely new extension) this is your chance, watch our for me in my Chill Creations tshirt! I had the honour of doing a few presentations during the 2011 and 2010 edition, you can view the slides here (in Dutch).  I hope to be invited to speak again in 2013! The agenda and ticket sales are to be announced,  so block out this weekend in your calendar and stay tuned for further information.