ccOmniKassa 1.3: new extensions and better stability

ccOmniKassa, Rabo OmniKassa plugin for Joomla!

The new version of ccOmniKassa comes with new features that actually make Rabo OmniKassa a more stable platform and add Rabo OmniKassa plugins for new Joomla! extensions. ccOmniKassa 1.3.1 is a release candidate for experienced users. Other users can download the next bug fix release within a few weeks.  

The extension can now better handle when Rabo OmniKassa makes unexpected API changes! Off course the people at the Rabobank should not change their API without notice, but since it happened twice now, we took precautions. It seemed to me its better to be safe than sorry.

ccomnikassa article

Support for new extensions

ccOmniKassa now also supports RSEvents!Pro and RSMembership. We also added a content plugin for Joomla! articles, so you can now accept Rabo OmniKassa payments in articles. View an example of this content plugin in action in the screenshot on the left. And… I have already updated the manual with all changes.  

You can download the new version if you have an active order. For update instructions refer to the manual.



Feedback and reviews

If you have any suggestions for ccOmniKassa, feel free to let me know via e-mail or a ticket. Your feedback is really important to me, it helps me understand your wishes and improve ccOmniKassa. If you use and like ccOmniKassa, please leave a review at the Joomla! Extensions Directory. You can find our listing for ccOmniKassa here.


ccOmniKassa Download Manual