Sponsoring the Dutch Joomla!days 2013

Dutch Joomla!Days 2013

It brings me great pleasure to announce that Chill Creations will be sponsoring the Dutch Joomla!days that are held at the end of the week! Besides financially supporting one of the most interesting web development events in the Netherlands, I will be giving two presentations and have a few other gifts from us to you!



David-Andrew at Dutch Joomla! Days 2012

You can visit my presentation about Joomla! shopping cart and payment extensions on Saturday.  On Sunday I’ll teach you how to select the best Joomla! extension for your project. During the second presentation I’ll introduce the BOF DEO method. It’s a simple principle that helps you make the right choice when searching for a new extension. 


Win great gifts
Chill Creations will also join our co-sponsors in offering some awesome give aways. We will offer a full year of access to downloads and support for all our extensions, which is worth about €340! That included all versions of our extensions, for Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x. Other sponsors have provided similar gifts and in one case even an iPad mini! 

Informative brochure
An event goodie bag mostly contains promotional items like flyers. We wanted to do something different, not just a “he, we are cool, buy our stuff, ok thanks bye” piece of paper. So, the last few weeks we created an informative brochure for everyone that is interested in Joomla! shopping carts and payment extensions. I’ll keep the exact contents a secret for now!


Dokter Joomla!


Questions, answers and advice
During two “Dokter Joomla” slots I will be available to answer any questions about Joomla! e-commerce, iDEAL and Joomla! extensions or for general Joomla! advice. My slots will be communicated in the Joomla!Day program you receive on Saturday/Sunday. 



Order your tickets here!


Just like every year, I am really exited about the Dutch Joomla!Days, and I can recommend it especially if you work with Joomla! often or professionally! I hope to meet you there!

Chill Creations