Use a Joomla! mailing list component to keep fans and customers up to date

Newsletter component and module for Joomla!

Keeping up to date with your readers and fans is a task that is ever changing.  Although social media had received a lot of hype in the last years, you should not forget that e-mail marketing is still the most effective online marketing method. It’s vital that you keep up with the latest trends in order to ensure people are being reached and informed.  As the internet evolves, so should your internet marketing techniques.  A Joomla! newsletter system is an excellent way to communicate with people in a hassle free way for them and you.  A newsletter provides so many advantages that to be without one means you are leaving a lot of people in the dark.  

With Joomla! you can implement a newsletter system like ccNewsletter on your website and reap the rewards. Sometimes you share great information and it’s just not reaching everybody that you want.  mailing lists keep becoming more popular because almost everyone in the world has an email now. In fact, most people access their email everyday and more often than FaceBook or Twitter.

They are able to pull their e-mail up on their phones, computers, and just about anywhere an internet connection is available.  By having your very own mailing list, you’ll be able to reach people every time that they access their email.  The newsletter you’ll be able to create is shown on a clear interface and is simple to understand.  Your followers will be able to focus on your message without all the distractions that other social media methods like Twitter are known for.

Joomla! newsletter subscription module

By choosing Joomla! for your newsletter needs, and not an external system, you’ll be choosing a newsletter system that is easy to use for you and your followers. Including a newsletter in your Joomla! 2.5 or Joomla! 3.0 website, allows you to share the most important updates with your readers and fan base as often as you like. Reaching your followers in as many avenues as possible ensures further support.  In Joomla! you’ll be able to create and send the newsletters to anyone that is interested in your brand.  They’ll be able to read what you send in their emails or by subscribing via the subscription module. You can also import your fan or customer database.

It really is simple to start including a newsletter in your internet marketing efforts. Sharing important information with your readers and fan base is a great way to keep you at the top of peoples mind.  For the best internet marketing approach, reaching people through email is an important task.  A newsletter on Joomla! will do just that. Joomla! 2.5 and Joomla! 3.0 are so flexible that it will fit just about any website.  If you’ve been searching for a good internet marketing technique, it’s time you create a newsletter through Joomla! with ccNewsletter.

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