ccInvoices 1.9: live update and notifications, improved user interface

Joomla! invoice extension

We have recently released ccInvoices 1.9 with a lot of code improvements and finally: update notifications and one-click “live update” functionality. Read on for screenshots and more information! 

Most of our time went into reviewing and updating our code to the latest web development standards. This is an ongoing task. You won’t “see” these changes in the extension output itself, but you should feel them due to the increased stability of ccInvoices and the speed in which we add new features in the future. Part of the code improvements was the continuing conversion of ccInvoices into a user interface based on Bootstrap, just like Joomla! 3. 

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New features

This update supports Joomla! 2 and Joomla! 3, requires at least PHP5.3, and includes the following main features: 

  • One-click “live” update and Update notifications directly in your Joomla! Administrator
  • Improved user interface and layouts (Bootstrap/JUI)
  • Date range and status filter selection for invoices
  • Complete code review and improvements
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 Questions or suggestions? Submit a support email and let us know what you think!
 How to download? If your order is active, go to the downloads. Order expired? You can renew!

iDEAL logoMore iDEAL integrations with cciDEAL 4.x

The new cciDEAL 4.x, which we will release this week, will also support ccInvoices. This means that besides the already available Mollie iDEAL integration, you can now integrate ING iDEAL Advanced, Rabobank iDEAL Professional, TargetPay iDEAL and more! 


Screenshots of ccInvoices 1.9




invoice edit view








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