cciDEAL 4.0: major release with live update and built-in integrations overview

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We are releasing one of the largest updates to cciDEAL ever, and this is just the beginning for 2014! Please welcome cciDEAL 4.0, the first version of the new cciDEAL generation, with at least 6 new feature releases already planned for the following months!

We started cciDEAL 4 as a major code refresh. With it’s origins in 2008 (cciDEAL Virtuemart) and code rewrite in 2010 (cciDEAL Platform 1.0) it was time to have a good look at our code and do a large cleanup. That is now completed, making cciDEAL 4.0 easier to maintain, support and extend. This was needed because we have big plans for 2014. 

And, we even managed to sneak in a few fantastic new features in cciDEAL, read on for screenshots! 

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New features

This update supports Joomla! 2 and 3, support for Joomla! 1.5 is dropped in this version!
This update includes the following main features: 

  • One-click “live” update and update notifications directly in your Joomla! Administrator
  • Large code review and refactoring to latest web standards (incl. removal of all Joomla! 1.5 code)
  • Integrations overview with easy install option for all plugins, no need to download from our website anymore
  • All site and administrator layouts converted to Bootstrap
  • New “pre-payment” e-mail: send yourself an e-mail every time a iDEAL payment is requested
  • User friendly footer to view the current cciDEAL version and quick links to the manual and our support system
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 Questions or suggestions? Submit a support email and let us know what you think!
 How to download? If your order is active, go to the downloads. Order expired? You can renew!

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