cciDEAL 4.2: more payment methods and improvements

iDEAL for Joomla!, HikaShop and Virtuemart

cciDEAL 4.2 is here, and it helps you accept even more payment methods relevant for the Dutch, Belgian and even German markets! It’s an easy update, just install over your current version (backup first!), and it will allow you to increase your sales even more by accepting new payment methods. We have also merged ccOmniKassa and cciDEAL!


 How to download? 
If your order is active, go to the downloads for the free update.
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  • Mollie: implemented the new and improved Mollie API, after update don’t forget to update the Mollie API key and added Sofort and Bitcoin payment methods.
  • Rabo OmniKassa: added Rabo OmniKassa to cciDEAL, added V PAY and Bancontact payment methods, implemented recent API changes
  • TargetPay: added Bancontact and Sofort payment methods

New iDEAL providers

  • Reviewed and improved the Virtuemart and HikaShop plugins
  • Sisow.nl: now also supported by cciDEAL
  • Add payment methods as separate options in HikaShop and Virtuemart for Mollie, Rabo OmniKassa, TargetPay and Sisow 
  • Support for Virtuemart 3.x beta (aka 2.9.9)

140928 new payment methods

 How to download? 
If your order is active, go to the downloads.
Order expired? You can renew!