Add MisterCash as payment method to RSForm Pro + video

This article is in Dutch because 99,9% of my cciDEAL customers are Dutch 🙂


Je kunt eenvoudig Bancontact als betaalmethode tonen in RSForm Pro formulieren. Ik heb daarvoor een kleine plugin en aanpassing in cciDEAL gemaakt. Het is wel belangrijk dat je iDEAL account (Rabo OmniKassa, Mollie) meerdere betaalmethoden en Bancontact ondersteunt natuurlijk! 


De onderstaande uitleg is onderdeel van “Adding iDEAL to RSForm Pro” in de cciDEAL handleiding.

Adding Bancontact as a separate payment method

This section only applies to iDEAL accounts that support multiple payment methods like Rabo OmniKassa, Mollie etc. RSForm Pro does not have a method to create multiple payment methods from a single RSForm Pro payment plugin. So the default cciDEAL integration plugin for RSForm Pro will automatically try to show all payment methods that an iDEAL account (like Mollie) supports.  

RSForm Pro - Bancontact

If you want to add the popular Belgian payment method Bancontact, I have a small plugin that can be installed to achieve that. This video explains the below steps.

  • Update to at least cciDEAL 4.4.5 (DownloadsUpdate instructions)
  • Download the RSForm Pro – Bancontact plugin
  • Install it in Joomla! via Extensions > Extension Manager > Install
  • Go to Extensions > Extension Manager > Manage, search for “mister” and enable it
  • Go to RSForm Pro > Manage Forms and open your form
  • Find the new “Bancontact” option on the right under the form Components
  • Click and add it to your form, make sure the new Bancontact option is above the payment method dropdown
  • That’s it, you can now test if selecting “Bancontact” as a payment method will indeed redirect you to the Bancontact processing of your iDEAL account.