More improvements in cciDEAL 4.4.x series


I am constantly improving cciDEAL based on customer feedback and suggestions. So in new versions you might find small usability improvements, but also large code refactorings. Every time you update, in a few easy steps via the Joomla Extension Manager, you get better and more user friendly software. Below I have listed a few of the changes in the latest versions of cciDEAL.

Refactored Virtuemart and HikaShop plugins

If you are using cciDEAL with HikaShop or Virtuemart I would strongly advise updating. The last 6 months I have slowly refactored those plugins and this work is now complete. I have reviewed every single line of code and made the entire payment handling cleaner and more stable. Updating is easy, just install the new cciDEAL version over the old one and do the same for the VM or HS plugin.

Download the latest version and update now!


RSForm Pro: adding Bancontact as a separate payment option

rsformpro mistercash

You can now add Bancontact as a separate payment option in RSForm Pro payment forms! I have created a little plugin that you can install and which will automatically redirect your customers to the correct payment method if your iDEAL account supports Bancontact! Accounts like Rabo OmniKassa and Mollie do.

Watch video: Bancontact option in RSForm Pro


Dynamic product calculator with cciDEAL and Fabrik

Together with Eric Beernink I wrote a manual for adding iDEAL payments to dynamic form calculations with the Joomla extension Fabrik. It’s very useful, have a look at the video to get an idea. This is what some people wanted to do with RSForm Pro, but was not possible because the RS Form Pro calculator does not support payments. Well, now you can use Fabrik!

Read manual: Fabrik calculator with iDEAL