Integrations view improved in cciDEAL 4.4.x


cciDEAL will try to update all integration plugins you have installed in the site when you update cciDEAL. But in the case that does not work there is a smart “Integrations” view. It shows you all possible cciDEAL integrations and their status: enabled or disabled, current versions, access type and plugin ID. You do not have to search between all Joomla plugins in the Extension Manager, just visit Components > cciDEAL > Integrations.

There are also links to directly download a plugin (so you can view the code or install it manually) and a direct link to the integration manual. The idea of the integrations view is that you can save time and keep your iDEAL integration healty!


improved integrations view

Explanation for the different options and improvements:

  1. Versions of currently installed plugins are now more accurate because they are taken directly from the plugin XML file themselves, not the Joomla cache/database (which could be incorrect)
  2. Versions of currently installed plugins are compared to the versions of the plugin in the (updated) cciDEAL package
  3. If an integration plugin is not installed and it’s extension (in the example Akeeba Subscriptions 3) is not installed the “Install” button is greyed out
  4. If the version of the currently installed plugin is older than the plugin in the (updated) cciDEAL package, an “Update” button will be shown
  5. If an integration plugin is not installed, it’s possible to install it directly from cciDEAL (only if the extension it belongs to is also installed in the site, in this example “RSEvents Pro”).
  6. If the version of the currently installed plugin is the same or newer than the integration plugin version in  the (updated) cciDEAL package a “Reinstall” button is shown

So, this might look like a simple view with just buttons, but in the background I have improved the logic so it works more accurately and hopefully saves you time. 

Test payments form refactored to Bootstrap

During testing I came across the test payments form for ING Advanced and Rabobank Professional. In my opinion it was not optimal (and not using Bootstrap fully) so I refactored it slightly to now have a friendlier “face”. Sometimes integrating iDEAL (especially with ING Advanced and Rabo Professional) can be a very time consuming process, so it helps if the software you use is as friendly and clear as possible. 

new test payments