New in ccInvoices: Recurring invoices


After a long testing period I am happy to announce that ccInvoices now supports Recurring invoices! And because of that long testing period, the functionality should be stable and ready for use. In fact, multiple customers have been using it successfully for months now!

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What do recurring invoices do? They allow you to automatically create invoices for recurring costs like subscriptions, hosting, monthly services and more. Basically the functionality allows you to create an “invoice template” with a contact, invoice items and all other invoice details, which will be automatically converted to an actual invoice on a set interval. Have a look at the below video to get an idea. 


And as you have come to expect of Chill Creations, this new functionality is built with you, the user, in mind. So it’s user friendly, there is inline documentation and tooltips, and if you really want to dive in, I recommend the manual “Recurring invoices in Joomla with ccInvoices“.

ccinvoices helpful help


Every auto-generated invoice also get’s a friendly little message explaining where the invoice came from, to pro-actively take away any confusion and allow you to directly see which Recurring Invoices was responsible for the creation of new invoices.  

ccinvoices auto-generated-invoice-message