New in ccInvoices: Even more UI improvements


One of the things I enjoy most about software development, is the constant user interface improvements that can be done when you get new insights about what is best for your users. That’s why you will always notice small little UI improvements in every update of my extensions. Small, because I believe in evolution of software, not revolution. These changes should help you become more productive, not force you to change your workflow. So, in the most recent version of ccInvoices, you will again discover new UI improvements.

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Below: cleaned up the PDF settings on the right, now clearer which settings belong to what, added more inline documentation, so you don’t need to refer to the manual as often.

cleaner pdf settings ui


Below: added more inline explanations so you fill in Contact information correctly on the first try.

invoices edit ui


Below: added a smart check and warning, that makes sure that you actually followed the manual when setting up the Recurring invoices functionality. If you forgot to enable the plugin, a warning will be shown.

invoices recurring ui


Below: added a warning (in yellow) to explain how “Manage Users” works, and what the difference is between users en contacts in ccInvoices. With two links to the manual in case you love reading :p

manage users ui


Below: now showing the payment method and payment transaction ID of invoices that have been paid with an online payment method (PayPal, Stripe, iDEAL).

payment details ui


Below: making it clear you are now editing a recurring invoice, and what consequences that could have for existing and new invoices.

recurring invoice ui