New in ccNewsletter: Extended tags

ccnewsletter iconIn previous versions of ccNewsletter you could add tags like [unsubscribe link], [view online link] and [manage subscriptions] to auto-generate information or links. Now it’s possible to use your own custom text in most tags, so you get complete control about how certain links are displayed in your newsletters.

One example is [unsubscribe link] which allows your subscribers to unsubscribe from a newsletter (and by law should be included in every newsletter you send). The tag would be replaced by a default text, taken from the ccNewsletter language files “Click here to unsubscribe”. You can now, directly in the newsletter choose a different text like “Get removed from this newsletter now!”.

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Another improvement is that ccNewsletter will now no longer show that tag when a user is viewing the newsletter online (via the [view online link] or the newsletter archive of ccNewsletter)! And because the text is now inside the tag, there is no text and no tag at all! So tags have become more powerful, and smarter. They can show the exact content that you want to show your users, and only when they actually need to see that content.

To use this new tag format, update to the latest version of ccNewsletter!

ccnewsletter extended tagsv2