ccNewsletter 1.0.6 security release

ccNewsletter 1.0.6 Security Release

About 4 hours ago we received a report that there was a security issue in ccNewsletter 1.0.5 and previous versions. We immeditaly investigated the claims and could see these where true.

We can now offer you a new version, 1.0.6 which addresses this medium risk security issue. ccNewsletter 1.0.6 is a security release, I urge everyone using a previous version to upgrade as soon as possible. You can download ccNewsletter 1.0.6 from our downloads section here.

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cciDEAL 2.3.0 preview

iDEAL logoJust a screenshot to give you an idea of what we are working on for cciDEAL 2.3.0. This is why we call cciDEAL the advanced iDEAL integration for Virtuemart. Its not just another “iDEAL integration”, its a complete set of tools to improve your clients payments via iDEAL. 



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ccNewsletter in 2010, apologies first

ccNewsletter Joomla! newxletter componentccNewsletter users, I believe we owe you an apology. In Twitter terms: “2009 was ccNewsletter #FAIL”. Lets look back (not too long), and then forward to our plans for the future of ccNewsletter. Because, yes, we want to make it up to you. 


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cciDEAL 2.2.0, why upgrade?

iDEAL logocciDEAL 2.2 Stable was released last November, and I notice that the cciDEAL 2.1 users would like a more detailed explanation as to why they should upgrade (or not). Well, first of all, you dont need to, but it would be a good idea if you like improving your sales. 


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Get ready, our new Joomla! blog online soon

Get ready people, we are preparing our blog and it will be online really soon. The goal of the blog will be to provide you with useful tips & tricks concerning Joomla! and general web development and our own extension updates. A sample of the first few articles being written now:

  • Joomla! Newsletter tips part 1 & 2
  • Virtuemart tips & tricks part 1
  • Joomla! tips & tricks part 1
  • ccNewsletter statistics: the bit.ly way
  • cciDEAL 2.3.0 preview
  • ccUsers 1.0.0 preview
  • What do we use for our Joomla! blog?
  • And more…. 

We have had a Dutch Joomla! Virtuemart iDEAL blog since 2008, and written informative articles for it, but now its time to open up to a larger (and international) audience. So welcome, we are really pleased to have you!

You can subscribe directly to the RSS button (in the address bar in most browsers), Feedburner or even subscribe to get e-mail updates via Feedburner. Subscribe now and stay tuned!

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