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ccNewsletter is a very user-friendly Joomla! newsletter extension for sending a newsletter to one or multiple groups of subscribers.

Compatible Joomla! versions

Joomla newsxletter extension

  • Create and send e-mail newsletters in Joomla!
  • Site visitors can view newsletters on the website
  • Flexible subscriber module fits any website
  • Optional “Terms & Conditions” check-box
  • Easily customize the newsletter template
  • Professional support from Chill Creations


Available instantly after purchase. Subscription with access to ongoing support and updates, and the extension for use on unlimited websites. Excluding 21% VAT for EU consumers. The subscription can be cancelled at any time.
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David de Boer
Founder of Chill Creations
For more info or support contact us at: support@chillcreations.com

Happy customers

A few of the over 125 reviews on the Joomla! Extensions Directory.
I tried several newsletter components. This is the first “plug and play” that works perfectly! The only thing I missed was the module for “show the latests newsletters” and this is now also added. Perfect!
— Peter Spie
This truly is a plug and play extension. Easy to use, with just that amount of flexibility most users will need. I had a question and was contacted via Twitter by the support team, who fixed this in a jiffy. Great support job!
— Jos van L.
I purchased and implemented ccNewsletter last month for two school PTO sites that I manage. I found the component very easy to install, configure, and use; which was especially helpful for the housewives who use the component to send newsletters to the school’s parents. This component is very solid!
— Tod Williams
For a few bucks you get great one-on-one support. I recommend this product when I started with Joomla! years ago and now am recommending this product again. Five out of five stars all the way!
— Taz

Features and screenshots

Easy to use Joomla! newsletter extension

Broadcast your message today

ccNewsletter is easy to understand and has a clear interface, requiring almost no setup. Enable frictionless communication between yourself and your followers, focusing on the message, not the medium.


Edit the newsletter directly in Joomla!

Easily edit the newsletter in Joomla!

Use the popular Joomla! editor to quickly insert your images in the placeholders, add some text, a bit of styling, and send the first test newsletter to yourself. Like what you see? Then broadcast your message!


Informative newsletter confirmation

When sending, you will encounter a informative process, to make sure you sent the correct newsletter, to the correct subscribers. After all subscribers have been e-mailed, ccNewsletter gives an overview of those subscribers.


Newsletter reporting: track the effectiveness of your newsletter

The smart reports in ccNewsletter help you track incomplete sends, email open rates, number people that unsubscribed and more. Newsletter reporting helps you understand how your subscribers interact with your email marketing via Joomla!, giving you hard data that you can use to make the best decisions for future newsletters. Unlike other extensions, the reporting in ccNewsletter is easy to understand.

ccNewsletter also recognizes when not all emails are sent to the subscribers, for whatever reason.  It then offers you the option to continue sending the newsletter exactly where you left off, simply by hitting the “Continue” button.


Segment Joomla! newsletter subscribers into different groups or lists

Create subscribers groups

This newsletter extension comes with very easy group management. An unlimited number of groups can be created. Add subscribers manually or via bulk import, or allow subscribers to self-submit.


Newsletter archive for your Joomla! website

Online newsletter archive

Allowing website visitors to view previous newsletters will increase the subscription rate. An online archive is also a plus for search engine optimization, as it adds more valuable content to the website.


Joomla! newsletter subscription module with different styles

Visitors become subscribers

With four default styles, the newsletter module can be adjusted to fit any website, or for even more control, the HTML/CSS can be customized. Terms and Conditions and double opt-in are optional

There is also a module style that does not show the name and email fields by default. After the visitor clicks the subscribe button, the fields will be shown in an inline pop-up or dropdown. This style is less cluttered and saves screen real estate on your website. This pop-up is a very elegant.

In some cases you need a minimalistic horizontal module for special positions on a website. This module can be placed, for example, above or below an article, drawing more attention in this prominent location.


Newsletter subscription with Terms and Conditions

Newsletter subscription with Terms and Conditions

When the Terms and Conditions module is enabled, users can not subscribe to the newsletter unless they accept the conditions first. The text can be a Joomla! article, which is opened in an inline pop-up when the visitor wants to view it.


Easily edit the newsletter template

Ready to go newsletter template

The default two-column newsletter template is extensively tested and very easy to customize. Insert your images in the placeholders for a quick start. Use the WYSIWYG editor, or directly edit the HTML.


Joomla! newsletter integration

Sync Joomla! users

The newsletter subscriber database can be synchronized with Joomla! users, adding users and customers to the newsletter on your command.


Built-in update notification and one-click updates

You do not have to visit our website to see if there is an update for ccNewsletter. There is a built-in update notification that let’s you know when we released an update and you can update to the latest version right from the Joomla administrator. This saves time and improves your (customers) experience, as you always have the most stable and recent version!


Why choose Chill Creations?

Professional support

If you need help, you can expect our Joomla! experts to provide fast and professional support. Development and support of our extensions is our main focus and priority, not a hobby.

100% Open Source

You will not be locked in! We believe in the freedoms of open source. You get the full source code and are free to do any modifications to our Joomla! extensions. We do not encrypt our extensions with IonCube, and do not add hidden backlinks.

Highly rated extensions

You can trust us to deliver quality. About 93% of our customers rate our extensions and support with 5 stars in the Joomla! Extensions Directory, and the other 7% rate us with 4 stars!

Money back guarantee

Are you not sure our Joomla! extensions will fit your needs? Try them out without any risk. If they just don’t work for you, we will refund your order completely and without questions.

Customers in 60+ countries

We have thousands of new customers every year, joining us from over 60 countries around the world. That is why our extensions are flexible so it is possible to adjust them to your specific needs in almost all cases.

Experienced with Joomla!

You will not be left in the dark. We have many years of experience with the Joomla! CMS and also many years of experience with web technologies. We plan to stick around and keep our extensions up to date and in development.

How many subscribers can ccNewsletter handle on your server?
Although ccNewsletter is created to easily handle up to a few thousand subscribers, if you configure ccNewsletter and the server correctly, the newsletter can be sent to tens of thousands of subscribers. We have used ccNewsletter to sent a newsletter to more then 25.000 subscribers on different occasions. Read more about ccNewsletter configuration.

Available instantly after purchase. Subscription with access to ongoing support and updates, and the extension for use on unlimited websites. Excluding 21% VAT for EU consumers. The subscription can be cancelled at any time.
Accepted payment methods

Mailing component for Joomla!“It’s simply fantastic; in five minutes everything works perfectly, and it’s really clear and intuitive, very very good!” – Senza