Overweeg over te stappen naar Mollie. Mollie is met een tarief van 29 cent per iDEAL transactie (zonder eenmalige of maandelijkse kosten) een van de goedkoopste aanbieders van betaaldiensten. Overstappen is eenvoudig en kan (inclusief activatie) vandaag geregeld zijn, zie de handleiding.

1. A few notes

  1. There is a status page for Rabo OmniKassa, please bookmark and check it when you encountering issues.
  2. Rabo OmniKassa does not accept unusual TLD's (top level domains). The usual TLD's like .nl, .com will work, but for example .pro or .cc will not. You will get an error "merchantReturnURL top level domain is blacklisted".
  3. Another thing to know about, for users of Rabo OmniKassa 1.0 is that the Rabobank changed the naming for the Rabo OmniKassa product. So Rabo OmniKassa 2.0 is now a larger "product" with more services by the Rabobank, and the online payments product is actually called "Rabo OnlineKassa". Confusing, I know. That's why in cciDEAL I try to use "Rabo OnlineKassa/Rabo OmniKassa 2.0" as much as possible. 
  4. If you are a user of ccOmniKassa: you need to buy and install cciDEAL 4.7.0 to use Rabo OmniKassa 2.0. ccOmniKassa has been combined with cciDEAL. Click here to read more about this...


This explanation if only in Dutch because ccOmniKassa and cciDEAL are products for the Dutch market. 

We hebben ccOmniKassa samengevoegd met cciDEAL, zodat cciDEAL nu Rabo OmniKassa ondersteunt. We hopen dat het samenvoegen van de twee extensies de snelheid van ontwikkeling en innovatie in cciDEAL zal verhogen. Alle ccOmniKassa klanten kunnen cciDEAL 4.x en latere versies downloaden zo lang als hun abonnement voor ccOmniKassa actief is. Wij zijn begonnen met deze conversie in mei 2014 en hij is nu afgerond. Vanaf heden ondersteunen wij alleen Rabo OmniKassa in cciDEAL en niet langer ccOmniKassa. Voor vragen kunt u een support email aanmaken. 

Waarom updaten?
Nu al ondersteunt cciDEAL veel gevraagde en meer functies dan ccOmniKassa, onder andere:

  • verschillende betaalmethoden aanmaken voor Rabo OmniKassa in Virtuemart en HikaShop
  • ondersteuning voor nieuwe Rabo OmniKassa betaalmethoden zoals MisterCash en V Pay 
  • belangrijke verbeteringen op basis van API veranderingen bij Rabo OmniKassa
  • installeer en update iDEAL plugins direct vanuit "Integraties" direct in de Joomla! administrator
  • verbeterde ondersteuning voor onder andere RSForm Pro

Hoe updaten?
Updaten is eenvoudig, het kan in 5 minuten afgerond zijn! installeer cciDEAL in de huidige site, copy/paste de OmniKassa instellingen naar cciDEAL en integreer dan de cciDEAL integratie plugin met de Joomla! extensie die je gebruikt. Kies daarvoor op onderstaande link de correcte handleiding:



2. Migrating to Rabo OmniKassa 2.0

If you are moving from Rabo OmniKassa 1.0 to Rabo OmniKassa 2.0, the bank has a manual about the migration to Rabo OmniKassa 2.0. You will need to update to at least cciDEAL 4.7.0 or higher first. After that, you can follow the below manual, basically you are changing the Account dropdown in Components > cciDEAL > Configuration to "Rabo OnlineKassa/Rabo OmniKassa 2.0", as is explained below. 

After installing cciDEAL 4.7.x, you need to refresh your browser cache

If you use Rabo OmniKassa with Virtuemart, RSForm Pro or HikaShop and you have configured the payment methods (iDEAL, Bancontact etc) as separate options in the checkout of those extensions, you also need to update those options. Do this after you completed this manual.


3. Getting the account details

To configure your Rabo OmniKassa 2.0 account in cciDEAL, you need a Refresh key and Signing key for the production and sandbox servers. Both the Refresh key and Signing key look like a long string of random characters. You can find them in the Rabo OmniKassa 2.0 dashboard under: Beheer > Winkels en verkooppunten > Open the correct "webwinkel" > search for "API keys". Please note, you need to complete the entire wizard to activate the API keys. 

  • Production API keys: a Refresh token and Signing key
  • Sandbox API keys: a Refresh token and Signing key

To collect the API keys, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the Rabo OmniKassa dashboard
  2. After logging in, click on "Beheer"
  3. Click on "Winkels en verkooppunten"
  4. Click on the webshop (webwinkel) that you want to integrate, or create that webshop if you didn't already
  5. In the new screen search for "API keys", this looks like the below screenshot.
  6. Please note, you need to complete the entire wizard to activate the API keys if you did not already. 
  7. Keep this page open, so you can copy and paste the details to cciDEAL in the next part of this manual.

rabo omnikassa 20 dashboard

4. Configuring cciDEAL

With the collected API keys you can now continue to configure cciDEAL. For the steps below you need to be logged into the administrator of the Joomla! website. 

  1. Open a new browser window or tab.
    1. To open a new tab on Windows is CTRL + T (click the CTRL button, then t on your keyboard)
    2. To open a new tab on MacOS use CMD + T click the CMD button, then t on your keyboard)
  2. In the new window/tab, go to the Joomla administrator for the webshop
  3. Login to Joomla
  4. Go to the cciDEAL configuration under Components > cciDEAL > Configuration.  
  5. Inside Configuration at the General Settings select "Yes" at "Enable iDEAL".
  6. Under "Account" select "Rabo OnlineKassa/Rabo OmniKassa 2.0" in the dropdown
  7. After you selected "Rabo OnlineKassa/Rabo OmniKassa 2.0" in the dropdown you should see a new grey area with 4 fields: Production: Refresh token, Signing key and Sandbox/Test: Refresh token, Signing Key. If you do not see them you need to refresh your browser cache
  8. Select "Test" at "Account status"
  9. Enter the Rabo OmniKassa API keys. There are 4 fields for the production Refresh token and Signing key and and the sandbox Refresh token and Signing key. Enter all of them, so you can easily switch between the test/sandbox and production status. To enter the API keys, follow the below steps 4 times:
    1. Click on the browser window or tab that has the Rabo OmniKassa dashboard open
    2. Copy one of the details by clicking on "Refresh key kopieren" for example
    3. Click on the browser window or tab with the cciDEAL configuration
    4. Paste the API key you copied to the correct field
    5. Repeat steps 8.1 to 8.4 for all other API details
  10. Make sure you entered everything correctly, one tiny mistake in copy and pasting the keys might cost you a lot of time in troubleshooting!
  11. Click on the green "Save" button in the top of Joomla to save the cciDEAL configuration.


cciDEAL will update the payment status in the website even if your customer does not return to the website after payment (if the customer closes the browser window too soon). But the Virtuemart confirmation e-mail will then not be sent, due to limitations in Rabo OmniKassa (not in cciDEAL!). We will try to find a work around in a future version of cciDEAL. 

5. Setting the webhook URL

For Rabo OmniKassa 2.0/Rabo OnlineKassa, you need to manually set the webhook URL in the Rabo OmniKassa 2.0 dashboard. This was not required for Rabo OmniKassa 1.0, but it is now!

The format of the webhook URL is as shown below where "https://www.website.com/" needs to be replaced by your actual domain name and any possible subfolders your website is in. 


  1. Go to the Rabo OmniKassa dashboard
  2. After logging in, click on "Beheer"
  3. Click on "Winkels en verkooppunten"
  4. Click on the webshop (webwinkel) that you want to integrate
  5. In the new screen search for "Websitekoppelingen" and click on "bewerken" on the right
  6. Paste the webhook URL in the webhook field
  7. Save this page.

6. Testing payments

  1. After configuring cciDEAL with your account details, place multiple test payments.
  2. The first way to test, is to use the "Test payment" button in cciDEAL at Components > cciDEAL > Configuration > General Settings > Test payment. If that works, continue with the next test.
  3. After you setup your webshop with HikaShop, Virtuemart, RSForm Pro or any other extension, test that integration. See the manuals "Adding iDEAL to ..."
  4. Go to the site and place a test payment via the integrated Joomla extension. Feel free to do as many test payments as you wish, testing any payment methods, products, currencies etc. 
  5. Optional: if you love testing and want to do even more, check out this manual

7. Going to production

If you are satisfied with the tests, and want to go to production, you need to check that the Rabo OnlineKassa account is completely activated. It's not enough to check this in the dashboard. We have had reports from customers, that all checks might be green in the dashboard, but Rabo OnlineKassa still wan't activated by the bank. The only way to be sure, is to call the bank, and ask them if the Rabo OnlineKassa is 100% activated and "de aanvraag is afgerond". After you did this, continue with the next steps. 

  1. Go to the Joomla administrator
  2. Go to Components > cciDEAL > Configuration
  3. Select "Production" under the "Account" section
  4. Save the cciDEAL configuration
  5. Complete one real payment (where you actually pay yourself)
  6. If the real payment is successful (check payment status in cciDEAL and the Joomla extensions you integrated with), Rabo OmniKassa 2.0 is now implemented!

8. Frequently asked questions

Order could not be processed because POI 30600 does not have any acceptable payment brands configured for this request.
The Rabobank hasn't enabled any payment methods for this Rabo OnlineKassa account yet. 
5001 Authorization denied as token String is empty.
Your API details (Refresh token and Signing key) are probably not correct. Check that:
  • You did not enter the production details into the fields for the sandbox details and vice versa.
  • You copied the complete token and key, and didn't miss a character at the beginning or end. Do not copy and paste with your mouse, use the special "Kopieren" buttons. Otherwise you might miss some part of the token/key.

Rabo OmniKassa error: 5017 - payment brand 'ALL' is unknown.

Your integration with Rabo OmniKassa is incorrect and probably contains some old parts of Rabo OmniKassa 1.0. Please make sure all plugins are updated under cciDEAL > Configuration > Integrations.

If you coded a custom integration with cciDEAL, please remember that "ALL" is no longer allowed to define "Show all payment methods" the "paymentBrand" should be empty, see Integration manual.

Rabo OmniKassa error: 5017 - merchantReturnURL top level domain is blacklisted. 

Rabo OmniKassa 2.0 does not accept unusual TLD's (top level domains). The usual TLD's like .nl, .com will work, but for example .pro or .cc will not. You will get an error "merchantReturnURL top level domain is blacklisted". Please complain about this at the Rabobank, as I at least don't understand why they chose to block these TLD's. But prepare yourself to move to another domain or payment service provider, as I don't think they will change this rule soon.