iDEAL for RS-Ticketmaster

cciDEAL now integrates into the stylish RD-Ticketmaster, a Joomla! event and ticket selling extension by fellow Dutch developer RD-Media.

With RD-Ticketmaster you can sell tickets to events on a Joomla! website. It has all the advanced functionality that will keep the processing of tickets easy and simple, and where possible: automated. 

The difference with other Joomla! ticket selling systems is that RD-Media has a very good eye for detail. The extension is absolutely stunning on Joomla! 3.x with the Bootstrap user interface. Scroll down to view screenshots and read more. 

RD-Ticketmaster has it all: print and mail tickets as PDF files, support for barcodes, a full checkout process, ticket data export, a user friendly interface. And now, it supports the most important iDEAL accounts with our iDEAL integration extension


RD-Ticketmaster with iDEAL in cciDEAL Platform

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rd-ticketmaster admin

Above: RD-Ticketmaster has a clean interface and a lot of options. 


rd-ticketmaster site 1

Above: available events and tickets are automatically shown in an "Upcoming events" overview.


rd-ticketmaster site 2

Above: RD-Ticketmaster has a very clear checkout process, good for customer trust. 


rd-ticketmaster site 3

Above: iDEAL payments can be processed automatically, allowing for automated ticket sales.