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Joomla! newsletter componentccNewsletter

The most user friendly Joomla! newsletter extension for sending a newsletter to one or multiple groups of subscribers. With newsletter statistics and automated batch sending


iDEAL for Joomla! extensionscciDEAL

Add iDEAL to Virtuemart, RSForm Pro, Joomla! articles and other extensions with cciDEAL. Supports popular banks and PSP's like Mollie and Rabo OmniKassa


Billing extension for Joomla!ccInvoices

An easy to use invoicing extension for Joomla! websites. Create and send invoices in Joomla! and receive payments with Paypal, iDEAL and other payment methods



In the Joomla! administrator under Components > cciDEAL Platform > Payments there is a basic overview of the payments made via cciDEAL Platform. 

The table columns are explained below. 

  1. Extension: the extension that requested the iDEAL payment
  2. Transaction ID: the official iDEAL transaction ID, also used by the bank or PSP
  3. Extension ID: the ID connected to the payment by the extension, this could be for example the order number in Hikashop, or the membership ID in RSMembership
  4. Payment date: the day the payment was first requested
  5. Amount: the total payment amount communicated to cciDEAL Platform from the extension
  6. Extra information: shows a snippet of information entered in the extra text fields in the content plugin. To view all information, hover over the snippet. If you do not use the content plugin for iDEAL payments, ignore this column. 
  7. Payment status: the current payment status in cciDEAL Platform. The payment status can have other "names" in the connected extensions, but cciDEAL Platform uses pending, paid and cancelled. You can change the payment status here for your own records, but it will not update the corresponding status in the connected extensions. 
    • Pending: payment requested, but not completed
    • Paid: payment requested and completed successfully 
    • Cancelled: payment requested but cancelled by the user

Happy customers

Support is absolutely top notch! I had an issue after installing the extension on an old unsupported Joomla! version, submitted a ticket and within a few hours all is working fine! Great job, Chill Creations!

— Curtis Seebeck,
Turntex Woodworks

I use a lot of Joomla extensions - I have over 70 active clients - and Chill Creations are at the very top of the list as far as quality of their product and their support team!

— Mike Ronayne,
Amherst Partners