This manual explains all configuration and integration options in cciDEAL. You will probably not need all configuration and integration options. You should at least read the following chapters.

  1. First, to install cciDEAL, read "Installing and uninstalling".
  2. Then read "Configuration for ABC" where ABC is the payment provider you want to use.
  3. After that, you only need to read the chapters starting with "Adding iDEAL to XYZ" where XYZ is the extension you want to add payment methods too.

cciDEAL supports the most important payment methods!

mollie betaalmethoden

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Installing and uninstalling
Frequently asked questions

Configuring payment providers

Configuration for ABN AMRO Easy
Configuration for Rabo OnlineKassa / Rabo OmniKassa 2.0
Configuration for Rabo OmniKassa 1.0
Configuration for ING Basic/Rabobank Lite
Configuration for ING Advanced/Rabobank Professional
Configuration for Mollie
Configuration for Sisow
Configuration for DigiWallet/TargetPay

Adding payment methods

Adding iDEAL (and other payment methods) to Virtuemart
Adding Klarna Pay later to Virtuemart
Adding iDEAL (and other payment methods) to RSForm Pro
Adding iDEAL (and other payment methods) to Hikashop
Betaallinks met iDEAL en andere betaalmethoden - cciDEAL Links
Adding iDEAL (and other payment methods) to Joomla! articles - cciDEAL Simpel
Adding iDEAL (and other payment methods) to ccInvoices

Other manuals

Payments overview in cciDEAL
Updating cciDEAL
Changelog for cciDEAL
Languages (and translating) cciDEAL
Nieuw certificaat voor ING Advanced & Rabo Professional 2017
iDEAL 3.3, SEPA and IBAN in cciDEAL Platform 2.8+