Adding iDEAL (and other payment methods) to Hikashop

For simple products, try cciDEAL Simpel first!

If you are just selling a few simple products, try the new cciDEAL Simpel to create a simple payment form! It will save you complexity, money and time. It’s included in cciDEAL 5.0 at no extra cost! cciDEAL Simpel now supports adding multiple fields, and is really easy to use. Read more about cciDEAL Simpel Payment Forms.

Dutch introduction video


Simple configuration

Use this manual to create a single payment method for iDEAL in HikaShop. If this is your first time implementing iDEAL into HikaShop, always start with the simple configuration.

  1. First install Hikashop in the Joomla! website.
  2. Then download the latest cciDEAL Platform version from our downloads section, and install it.
  3. To install the plugin go to Components > cciDEAL Platform > Integrations, click “Install” next to your plugin and make sure it’s enabled under “Status”.
  4. Configure the Hikashop plugin
    1. In the Joomla! administrator, go to Hikashop > System > Payment Methods
    2. In the toolbar click “New”
    3. Search and select the iDEAL plugin “Hikashop iDEAL payment plugin”
    4. Change any settings to your liking, for example the “Name” or “Description”
    5. Set “Published” to “Yes”
    6. To add a logo to a payment method, see the below section “Adding logos to payment methods”
    7. Under “Specific configuration” at the statuses, choose your desired status after different payments.
      1. Invalid status could be “Geannuleerd” or “Canceled”
      2. Pending status could be “Geplaatst” or “Pending”
      3. Verified status could be “Betaald” or “Paid”
    8. Under “Specific configuration” there is a dropdown “Select payment method”. If you have multiple options here, have a look at the explanation at the “Extended configuration” section below.
    9. Click “Save & Close”, the payment method should now be created. You can now configure your bank/PSP account in the corresponding chapter of the cciDEAL manual.

Extended configuration

Some PSPs support multiple payment methods. For example:

  • Mollie supports iDEAL and Bitcoin, Bancontact, Sofort banking etc.
  • Rabo OmniKassa supports iDEAL, V PAY, Bancontact etc.

If your PSP supports multiple payment methods and you have enabled those payment methods with your PSP, you can add them as separate payment methods in the HikaShop checkout. They will all be processed via cciDEAL, but your customers will see them inside your shop as separate payment methods. Off course, this is very user friendly!

Setting this up is actually the same as the “Simple configuration” above, except for the extra step where you need to repeat these steps for every payment method you want to show in HikaShop. So if you want to show iDEAL, Bitcoin and Bancontact, follow the “Simple configuration” three times, one time for every payment method. During the creation of the payment method select the correct payment method in the “Select payment method” dropdown under “Specific configuration”.

Adding logos to payment methods

You can show the logos of the different payment methods you accept inside your Hikashop checkout. We always advise doing this as it is user friendly and will increase the percentage of people that successfully place an order.

  1. Use the Media Manager (Content > Media Manager) or FTP to go to /media/com_hikashop/images/payment.
  2. Download and unzip this file with payment method logos here iDEAL_logos.zip. You can find other logo’s online.
  3. The file contains different images with the payment methods supported. The PSD’s are also included so you could also edit the images.
  4. iDEAL only: If you only use iDEAL, there are small, medium and large (in English and Dutch) iDEAL logos which can be used, there file name starts with “ideal_”.
  5. All payment methods: if you use multiple payment methods, use the image “all_payment_methods.png”. you can add more if needed, this file only has a few of the most popular payment methods.
  6. Some payment methods: if you use only a few of the payment methods, open all_payment_methods.psd in Photoshop (or similar software) and re-arrange the payment method layers.
  7. PostNL: we have also added a PostNL logo for your convenience, which can be used for your shipping methods.
  8. After you have chosen/modified a payment method image, upload it to the “payment” folder.
  9. Go back to Hikashop > System > Payment methods and open the payment methods where you want to add a logo.
  10. On the right, click on the edit icon next to “Images”, and select the preferred logo.
  11. Click on save, without changing anything else. The configuration should now be correct.
If you have not already, you can now configure your bank/PSP account in the corresponding chapter of the cciDEAL manual.