Adding iDEAL (and other payment methods) to Virtuemart

The latest test of our iDEAL integration was with Virtuemart 4x .The fastest and easiest way to implement iDEAL is to use a Virtuemart version as close to the above as possible.

Tip: update to the latest version of Virtuemart on all your websites! VirtueMart 4.0.x is the latest stable version available. Older versions are insecure !  please read

VirtueMart compatible

VirtueMart 4x compatible on

  • Joomla!4
  • Joomla!3
  • PHP 8 & till support ends PHP 7.4
    Note : PHP8 is strongly advised , PHP 7.4 will no longer be supported as of 28/11/‘22

Handy link:  https://magazine.joomla.org/all-issues/december-2022/upgrading-your-site-to-php-8

VirtueMart 3 compatible on

  • Joomla!3
  • PHP 8 & PHP 7.4+
    Note : PHP 8 strongly advised as for PHP 7.4+ no longer being  supported as of 28/11/‘22

Attention! – compatibility Virtuemart on Joomla!
Note 1: Not advised VM3 on Joomla!4
Note 2:  VM3 + J3 or VM4 + J4 or J3 is advised!
Note 3: VirtueMart 4, PHP 8 functions best on Joomla!4 , we do not recommend VirtueMart3  on Joomla!4

Changes as of cciDEAL 6.0.5 for Joomla!4 & VirtueMart 4

  • VM Payment information payment method name for V4 & V3 change & added

  • For Virtuemart 4x is VM4 payment – cciDEAL integration – use:

For simple products, try cciDEAL Simpel first!

If you are just selling a few simple products, try the new cciDEAL Simpel to create a simple payment form! It will save you complexity, money and time. It’s included since cciDEAL 5.0 at no extra cost! cciDEAL Simpel now supports adding multiple fields, and is really easy to use. Read more about cciDEAL Simpel Payment Forms.

Dutch introduction video

This video is made by our founder David-Andrew

Since cciDEAL 6.0.5 consult above changes and screenshots to the whole for steps when integrating Virtuemart 4 payment methods, process will remain the same.

Simple configuration

Use this manual to create a single payment method for iDEAL in Virtuemart. If this is your first time implementing iDEAL into Virtuemart, always start with the simple configuration.

  1. First install Virtuemart in the Joomla! website and make sure it is configured correctly.
  2. Then download the latest cciDEAL Platform version from our downloads section, and install it in Joomla!.
  3. To install the plugin go to Components > cciDEAL Platform > Integrations, click “Install” next to your plugin and make sure it’s enabled under “Status”.
  4. You will need to create and configure the iDEAL payment method in Virtuemart.
    1. Go to Components > Virtuemart > Shop > Payment Methods and in the toolbar click “New”
    2. In the “Payment Method Information” tab
      1. In the “Payment Name” field enter “iDEAL”
      2. Set the “Published” radio button to “Yes”
      3. In the “Payment Description” field enter “iDEAL is een veilige betaalmethode waarmee u direct kunt afrekenen in internetbankieren van alle grote Nederlandse banken.”
      4. In dropdown “Payment Method” select “VM Payment – cciDEAL integration”
      5. In dropdown “Shopper Group” do not select any group unless you know what you are doing!
      6. In the “List Order” field enter “1” if you consider iDEAL your most important payment method.
      7. In the toolbar, click “Save”
    3. Now open the “Configuration” tab
      1. Under the “Configuration” tab there might be a dropdown “Select payment method”. If you have multiple options here, have a look at the explanation at the “Extended configuration” section below. For now leave it unselected or select “All” or “iDEAL”.
      2. Change the “Order Status…” dropdowns to the values you require. Default values are:
        1. Pending = Pending
        2. Successful = Confirmed
        3. Failed = Cancelled
    4. Click “Save” in the top right toolbar to save all changes
  5. A simple iDEAL payment method is now implemented in the Virtuemart shop. You can configure your bank/PSP account in the corresponding chapter of the cciDEAL manual.



About One Page Checkout’s

If you are using a One Page Checkout (OPC) extension with Virtuemart, please remember to always use the latest version of that OPC extension, with the latest version of Virtuemart and cciDEAL. You might otherwise get issues with payments if you only update Virtuemart or cciDEAL and not the OPC extension. This is especially important in the future!



Extended configuration

Some PSPs support multiple payment methods. For example:

  • Mollie supports iDEAL, Bancontact, Sofort banking etc.
  • Rabo OmniKassa supports iDEAL, V PAY, Bancontact etc.

If your PSP supports multiple payment methods and you have enabled those payment methods with your PSP, you can add them as separate payment methods in the Virtuemart checkout. They will all be processed via cciDEAL, but your customers will see them inside your shop as separate payment methods. Off course, this is very user friendly!

Setting this up is actually the same as the “Simple configuration” above, except for the extra step where you need to repeat the “Simple configuration” for every payment method you want to show in Virtuemart. So if you want to show iDEAL, and Bancontact, follow the “Simple configuration” three times, one time for every payment method. During the creation of the new payment methods enter the correct name in the “Name” field and select the correct payment method in the “Select payment method” dropdown under the “Configuration” tab.


Adding Klarna Pay later to Virtuemart (with Mollie)

To accept Klarna Pay later via Mollie, use the manual: payments via Klarna Pay later (with Mollie) in Virtuemart.

Adding Klarna Pay now to Virtuemart (with Mollie)

To accept Klarna Pay now via Mollie, use the manual: payment via Klarna Pay now (with Mollie) in Virtuemart.


Adding logos to payment methods

You can show the logos of the different payment methods you accept inside your Virtuemart checkout. We always advise doing this as it is user friendly and will increase the percentage of people that successfully place an order.

  1. Go to Components > Virtuemart > Shop > Payment Methods and open the payment method where you want to add a logo
  2. Go to the “Configuration” tab
  3. Use the “Logos” field if you wish to show the payment method logo’s in the Virtuemart checkout:
    1. Use the Media Manager (Content > Media Manager) or FTP to create a folder named “payment” in /images/stories/virtuemart if it is not already there.
    2. Download and unzip this file with iDEAL logos here iDEAL_logos.zip.
    3. The file has a small, medium and large (in English and Dutch) iDEAL logo image. The PSD’s are also included so you could also edit the images.
    4. Choose your preferred iDEAL logo’s and upload them to the “payment” folder.
    5. Go back to Virtuemart and click “Save” in the toolbar, so the Configuration tab is refreshed.
    6. Click in the field next to “Logos”, and select the preferred iDEAL logo.
  4. Click “Save & close” in the toolbar
  5. Repeat these steps for every payment method where you want to show a logo

Virtuemart, cciDEAL and e-mails

cciDEAL Platform follows the Virtuemart workflow for all mails.

Advanced iDEAL accounts

The ING Advanced, Rabo Business Banking, TargetPay.com and mollie.com accounts are treated as “online” payment methods, like Paypal, by the banks, and they support automatic order status update in Virtuemart. cciDEAL Platform will send an e-mail depending on your settings in Components > Virtuemart > Configuration > Configuration > Checkout (at the bottom). You can set the Virtuemart order status to which a order should change when iDEAL is used as payment method in Components > Virtuemart > Shop > Payment methods > your iDEAL payment method > Configuration, and then the “Order status” dropdowns. cciDEAL will change the order status depending on the iDEAL payment status sent back to the website by the bank.

When a payment is cancelled, the customer is sent back to Virtuemart to choose another payment method. This is the same workflow as the default Paypal plugin.

Basic iDEAL accounts

The ING, Rabobank and ABN AMRO basic account treated as “offline” payment methods by the banks. The banks want webshop owners to login to the iDEAL dashboard or use the iDEAL e-mails to check the status, and manually change the status in Virtuemart. These basic iDEAL accounts do not support the automatic order status update in Virtuemart that the advanced accounts do have. We can not change this, this is decided by the banks!

Therefor cciDEAL will change the order status immediately after the order is placed, depending on your settings in Components > Virtuemart > Shop > Payment methods > your iDEAL payment method > Configuration, and then the “Order status” dropdowns. An e-mail might be sent, depending on your settings in Components > Virtuemart > Configuration > Configuration > Checkout (at the bottom).

When a payment is failed, the customer is sent back to Virtuemart to choose another payment method.


After you configured your bank/PSP account and have done a payment, you can view the payment status in Components > Virtuemart > Orders & Shoppers > Orders. You can also view the payment status in the cciDEAL payment overview page.