Adding Klarna Pay later to Virtuemart

The latest test of our Klarna Pay later integration was with Virtuemart 3.x. The fastest and easiest way to implement Klarna Pay later is to use a Virtuemart version as close to the above as possible. We will regularly test cciDEAL with new Virtuemart versions. 

Starting with cciDEAL 5.0 (for select customers) it’s possible to add Klara Pay later to Virtuemart (with Mollie). Follow the below steps to set this up. 

Mollie account

  • Go to the Mollie dashboard > Settings > Website profiles > Select the correct profile > Payment methods
  • Enable Klarna Pay later as a payment method
  • As soon as Mollie confirms that Klarna Pay later is enabled for your account, continue with the setup in cciDEAL

cciDEAL configuration

  • In the website where you want to use Klarna Pay later, make sure you are using cciDEAL 5.0 or higher
  • You will need to create and configure the Klarna Pay later payment method in Virtuemart.
    1. Go to Components > Virtuemart > Shop > Payment Methods and in the toolbar click “New”
    2. In the “Payment Method Information” tab
      1. In the “Payment Name” field enter “Klarna Pay later” in English or “Klarna Betaal later” in Dutch
      2. Set the “Published” radio button to “Yes”
      3. In the “Payment Description” field enter “Met ‘Betaal later’ betaal je je bestelling achteraf zodra je deze hebt ontvangen en besloten hebt deze te houden. Zo betaal je nooit voor wat je terugstuurt.”
      4. In dropdown “Payment Method” select “VM Payment – cciDEAL integration”
      5. In dropdown “Shopper Group” do not select any group unless you know what you are doing! 
      6. In the toolbar, click “Save”
    3. Now open the “Configuration” tab
      1. Under the “Configuration” tab there might be a dropdown “Select payment method”, find and select “Klarna Pay later”.
      2. Change the “Order Status…” dropdowns to the values you require. Default values are:
        1. Pending = Pending
        2. Successful = Confirmed
        3. Failed = Cancelled
    4. Click “Save” in the top right toolbar to save all changes
  • Klarna Pay later is now enabled in Virtuemart!

About order statuses

Orders that are Authorized and Paid at Mollie are “paid” in cciDEAL and the corresponding status in Virtuemart. Note: in order to ultimately receive your money, you must change the status of the order to Shipped in the Mollie dashboard, after you actually shipped the order. 

Why does Klarna refuse an order?

Klarna runs a risk: they pre-finance the payment. So they make a risk assessment based on the data that is available. This risk assessment is a trade secret, so we do not get to see why a payment has been rejected. We only see that a payment has been rejected. We can only ask Klarna in general terms whether there is something structural. It often takes a while before we receive a substantive answer from Klarna.