Adding Klarna Pay now to Virtuemart

The latest test of our iDEAL integration was with Virtuemart 4.0.x . The fastest and easiest way to implement iDEAL is to use a Virtuemart version as close to the above as possible.

Klarna Pay Now, cciDEAL 6.0.4 & VirtueMart

We wanted to make it possible for you our ccExtensions clients to be able to activate Klarna Pay now in your Mollie account so you can allow your customers to pay for their one-time purchases directly, via bank transfer or direct debit with the cciDEAL. We added Klarna Pay Now starting with  cciDEAL version 6.0.4.


Klarna Pay Now rates

See rates for Klarna Pay Now & Klarna Pay later
Also do take in consideration that Klarna Pay Now by Direct Debit is not available in Belgium & Finland.
Consult below for your convenience:


Starting with cciDEAL 6.0.4 (for select customers) it’s possible to add Klara Pay now to Virtuemart (with Mollie). Follow the below steps to set this up.

Mollie account

  • Go to the Mollie dashboard > Settings > Website profiles > Select the correct profile > Payment methods
  • Enable Klarna Pay Now as a payment method
  • As soon as Mollie confirms that Klarna Pay Now is enabled for your account, continue with the setup in cciDEAL

cciDEAL configuration

Klarna Pay Now

  • The Klarna Pay Now payment method is to be created and configurated in Virtuemart.
    1. Go to Components > Virtuemart > Shop > Payment Methods and in the toolbar click “New”
    2. In the “Payment Method Information” tab
      1. In the “Payment Name” field enter “Klarna Pay now” in English or “Klarna Betaal nu ” in Dutch
      2. Set the “Published” radio button to “Yes”
      3. In the “Payment Description” field enter “Met ‘Betaal nu’
      4. In dropdown “Payment Method” select “VM Payment – cciDEAL integration”
      5. In dropdown “Shopper Group” unless client knows what they are doing they
        are advised not to select any group unless they know what they are doing!
      6. In the toolbar, click “Save”
    3. Open the “Configuration” tab
      1. Under the “Configuration” tab there might be a dropdown “Select payment method”, find and select “Klarna Pay Now”.
      2. Change the “Order Status…” dropdowns to the values you require. Default values are:
        1. Pending = Pending
        2. Successful = Confirmed
        3. Failed = Cancelled
    4. Click “Save” in the top right toolbar to save all changes
  • Klarna Pay Now is now enabled in Virtuemart!
  • VM Payment information payment method name for V4 & V3 change & added

  • For Virtuemart 4x is VM4 payment – cciDEAL integration- use:

About order statuses

Orders that are Authorized and Paid at Mollie are “paid” in cciDEAL and the corresponding status in Virtuemart. Note: in order to ultimately receive your money, you must change the status of the order to Shipped in the Mollie dashboard, after you actually shipped the order. But Please Do read further.

About order statuses in Klarna Pay Now cciDEAL 6.0.9 with Mollie:

Via Mollie API it is possible to send “Shipped” status back to a customer so customer receives an invoice. The status of the order can therefore automatically be change to confirmed when the payment has been authorized. In cciDEAL 6.0.9 the  “Shipping status” can be set in the cciDEAL extension in the settings for when the order reaches that status, it returns the “Shipped” signal to Mollie so that the order is also completed in Mollie and the status is sent.

The order status will now be automatically updated in Mollie with cciDEAL version 6.0.9. So after updating the order status to “Shipped” in VirtueMart, a request will be send to Mollie to complete the order.

This is now ( cciDEAL 6.0.9)  also possible in Klarna Pay Later

Paalz integration – Using custom database table to store data

Klarna payment method sends shipping data to Mollie and cciDEAL works with Virtuemart shipping method. Now, you intend to use a custom database table to store data with a Paazl integration plugin for  your shipping methods.
As of cciDEAL 6.0.9 the Paalz plug-in is added to the extension if you chooses to use this above mentioned plugin to use a custom database table to store data. https://www.paazl.com

Why does Klarna refuse an order?

You only see that a payment has been rejected. You can only ask Klarna in general terms whether there is something structural. It often takes a while before you receive a substantive answer from Klarna.