Changelog for cciDEAL

Always create a backup before you update!

cciDEAL 6.0.11 December 28, 2023 

### NEW Joomla 5, Hikashop 5.0.0, Virtuemart 4.2, and PHP 8.2. Compatibility, IN3 payment method add in combination with Mollie

cciDEAL 6.0.10 October 5, 2023 

### “plg_” prefix fix cciDEAL platform plugin for ccInvoices for Joomla!4, Klarna Pay canceled status fix in VirtueMart

cciDEAL 6.0.9 September 22, 2023 

### Creating tables code (for sudden and unexplained mysql issues during install), Status update for Klarna Pay later, Klarna Pay now & Klarna Pay Later  send “Shipping status” from VM to Mollie set in cciDEAL settings, Paalz Plugin add

cciDEAL 6.0.8 March 27, 2023=

### Hikashop iDEAL plugin files class name for case sensitivity servers backwards add, PHP 8.1 compatibility

cciDEAL 6.0.7 January 25, 2023 =

### Fixes : VirtueMart 4 payment plugin, Function args checked, Deleting Payments checked

cciDEAL 6.0.6 December 27, 2022 =

### cciDEAL : Payment plugins for Joomla!4 update, Hikashop iDEAL plugin files update, Plugin versions update, Hikashop iDEAL processing update, Hikashop iDEAL plugin for Joomla!4 fix.

Compatibility & download compatibility: all ccExtensions to Joomla 4x on bleeding-edge server that uses PHP8 and MySQL8, all ccExtensions compatibility with latest release Joomla 4 incl. latest versions plugins used by ccExtensions & Joomla 3 on PHP7 running MySQL5.
Compatibility Set up: on Joomla 3, PHP 7, MySQL5 ( Note: support on some is either limited, stopped or about to end)

Compatibility Set up: on Joomla 4, PHP 8, MYSQL8

Note 1: Support for PHP 7 has ended Nov. 28, 2022.
Note 2: Support for Joomla 3x will end on August 17, 2023. We strongly advise to migrate to Joomla 4 before that time to continue being supported.
Note 3: VirtueMart -> We strongly advised to use only VM3 + J3 or VM4 + J3 or J4 ( We do NOT recommend VM3 on J4)
Note 4: As is the case with all minor or major extensions updates, we always advise creating a backup with Akeeba Backup first.

cciDEAL 6.0.5 November 28, 2022 =
### cciDEAL update, PHP 8, VirtueMart 4x, Virtuemart 3x , VM payment method V3 + V4,
HikaShop, Mollie PHP 8

The latest test of our iDEAL integration was with Virtuemart 4x , backward compatibility Virtuemart 3.x. The fastest and easiest way to implement iDEAL is to use a Virtuemart version as close to the above as possible.
For cciDEAL

  • VirtueMart 4x compatible on
    • Joomla!4
    • Joomla!3
    • PHP 8 & PHP 7.4
      Note : PHP8 is strongly advised , PHP 7.4 will no longer be supported as of 28/11/‘22

Handy link:  https://magazine.joomla.org/all-issues/december-2022/upgrading-your-site-to-php-8

  • VirtueMart 3 compatible on
    • Joomla!3
    • PHP 8 & PHP 7.4+
      Note : PHP 8 strongly advised , PHP 7.4+ will no longer be supported as of 28/11/‘22
  • Attention! – compatibility Virtuemart 3 on Joomla!4
    Note 1: NEEDS FURTHER TESTING- not advised until testing is completed.

    Note 2: VM3 + J3 or VM4 + J3 or J4 is advised!
    Note 3: VirtueMart 4, PHP 8 functions best on Joomla!4 , we do not recommend VirtueMart3  on Joomla!4


  • VM Payment information payment method name for V4 & V3 change & added

  • For Virtuemart 4x is VM4 payment – cciDEAL integration- use:


  • Hikashop:
    • Tested up to Hikashop 4.6+
    • Hikashop checkbox display for ccNewsletter
    • Add Klarna Pay methods to Hikashop
    • Processing Payment for Hikashop
  • Others:
    • Integrations links cciDEAL improved
    • Rabo OnlineKassa OmniKassa
    • Adding iDEAL to VirtueMart
    • Adding iDEAL to RSForm Pro
    • Adding iDEAL to Hikashop
    • Adding iDEAL to ccInvoices
    • Adding iDEAL to Joomla! Donations
  • Download ccExtensions cciDEAL VirtueMart JArchive improved
    • Download cciDEAL V3
    • Download cciDEAL V4
  • Mollie PHP 8 API update

cciDEAL 6.0.4

  • Added Klarna Pay Now to cciDEAL
  • Fix saving configuration (PHP 8)

cciDEAL 6.0.3

  • Saving configuration completed on PHP 8+ for Joomla! 4 with backward compatibility Joomla! 3 and PHP 7.3, 7.4.

cciDEAL 6.0.2

  • Fix: simplexml_load_file() warning

cciDEAL 6.0.1

  • Fix array and string offset access syntax with curly braces cciDeal platform

cciDEAL 6.0.0

  • Compatibility with Joomla! 4.x & backward compatibility with Joomla 3.x
  • Fixed deprecated features and bugs that occurred when migrating from Joomla! 3.x to Joomla! 4.x
  • Compatibility Joomla! 3.x & Joomla! 4.x with latest version of Akeeba.com
  • Compatibility with Hikashop latest version integrations
  • Compatibility with RSForm!Pro latest version

(Note: Joomla! 3 will be supported by Virtue-Mart until 2023. We will correct the update the moment VirtueMart themselves announce the that they are ready. For now do know that we are waiting on VirtueMart’s latest release.)

cciDEAL 4.7.0 through 5.0.8

Most important changes:

  • Rabo OnlineKassa support: if you are using Rabo OmniKassa, read this manual!
  • Added new Mollie payment methods ING Home’Pay, EPS, GiroPay, Giftcards
  • Improvements to Virtuemart and Hikashop integrations

All changes:

  • ccInvoices plugin: minor improvement
  • Mollie: update minimum amount for Mollie to 1 euro
  • Rabo OmniKassa: Set description as extension public ID for ccInvoices (uses custom invoice number)
  • Also cross-check transaction ID when updating payment in cciDEAL to cancelled or failed
  • ccInvoices integration, minor improvement
  • Improvements to ccInvoices integration (ccinvoices_notify)
  • Update language files for minimum amount (Mollie, Sisow)
  • Remove unused #__ccidealplatform_logs table
  • Edit ASC/DESC to configruation table for Mollie and email
  • Rabo OmniKassa: set cciDEAL description to from RSForm Pro to description, not merchantOrderId (too limited)
  • Update RSForm Pro automatic order number to Ymd instead of YMdd
  • Rabo OmniKassa 2.0: Show errors on site instead of failing silently, so merchants known what’s happening
  • Allow “ALL” to show all payment methods for Rabo OmniKassa 2.0 (convert to empty paymentBrand)
  • Rabo OmniKassa 2.0: Show errors on site instead of failing silently, so merchants known what’s happening
  • Minor updates to administrator/components/com_ccidealplatform/plugins
  • Update database query to #__ccidealplatorm_config to be compatible with multiple rows in table (Rabo OmniKassa 2.0)
  • Rabo OnlineKassa/Rabo OmniKassa 2.0 v3 (added helper file)
  • Add new Mollie payment methods ING Home’Pay, EPS, GiroPay, Giftcards
  • cciDEAL Simpel: make payment ID more unique
  • HikaShop: don’t show payment method selection if there isn’t any
  • Update RSForm Pro redirect URL (wouldn’t work on some servers)
  • Update Mollie endpoint in client to https://api.mollie.com
  • Add language to Mollie notify URL so emails etc sent on payment notification have the correct language
  • Virtuemart, make sure that If CANCEL status has been processed, a message is logged and processing stops.

cciDEAL 4.6.4

  • RD-Ticketmaster/RD e-Tickets: Updated cciDEAL integration to latest version of RD e-Tickets, fixed PHP errors, PHP 7.2 compatibility
  • Virtuemart:
    • Full refactor of Virtuemart notify process, making it more stable and allows for better processing of orders when users do not return to the website
    • Use order number instead of order ID in order notes/messages
    • Add note to code about cleaning carts after orders (if users don’t return to the store after payment)
    • Fix PHP errors (PHP 7.2)
  • HikaShop: improved the clearing of carts after paid payments

cciDEAL 4.6.3

  • HikaShop: implement new way to clean cart after payment is completed, hopefully more stable than previous implementation.

cciDEAL 4.6.2

  • HikaShop:
    • Refactor and other improvements to HikaShop integration
    • Bug fix: removed unused code that could update System > Order Statuses incorrectly (and stop cancelled payments form changing stock etc)
  • RSEvents Pro: remove unused code
  • Updates language strings
  • Fix PHP notice “Undefined property: Mollie_API_Object_Payment::$state”
  • Fix PHP Notice for $itemID

cciDEAL 4.6.1


This is a very important update for users of ING Advanced and Rabobank Professional. Please read this manual before you update. 

  • Update to new certificates for ING Advanced and Rabobank Professional
  • Save old certificates for ING Advanced and Rabobank Professional

Other changes

  • Virtuemart: PHP 7.1 compatibility, fixed “A non-numeric value” error
  • Virtuemart: hide “Please wait, redirecting” message by default
  • RSForm Pro plugin: PHP7.1 compatibility, fix for “A non-numeric value encountered” error
  • Fixed a PHP notice “Object of class JVersion could not be converted to int”
  • HikaShop: improvements and bug fix to onPaymentNotification in plugin

cciDEAL 4.6.0

Updates for RSForm Pro, ING iDEAL Basic, TargetPay, RD E-Tickets, TargetPay and Virtuemart!

  • ING iDEAL Basic: improve stability and add support for cciDEAL Links – cciDEAL Links manual
  • RSForm Pro: fix layout issues for iDEAL and Bancontact payment plugins
  • RD E-Tickets/RD Ticketmaster: set default payment method for the plugin to “All”, so for example Mollie will show all available payment methods, not just iDEAL
  • TargetPay: Update to iDEAL API v3, many improvements incl. better bank selector, easier test mode. If you use a template override for cciDEAL & TargetPay ‘Select bank page’, remove it!
  • Virtuemart: extra check to make sure correct status is processed

cciDEAL 4.5.7

  • Mollie: Added support for KBC/CBC-Betaalknop!
  • TargetPay: remove old/unused code in integration

cciDEAL 4.5.6

  • Added better payment logging, saves to logs/ccideal_log.txt, features: log to file, log to email, added timestamp, added more log messages
  • HikaShop & Mollie: improved integration and fixed bug that kept some notification emails from being sent
  • HikaShop plugin: removed @ so we can see PHP errors in the error log
  • PHP 7: updated PHP constructors to support PHP7 style (will be deprecated in the future)
  • RSForm Pro:
    • Added cciDEAL description support to RSForm Pro Belfius plugin
    • Added cciDEAL description support to RSForm Pro Bancontact plugin

cciDEAL 4.5.5

  • Rabo OmniKassa, optimised payment method preference selection
  • Temporarily adjusted Mollie minimum amount to 0.13, pending more extensive fix for minimum amounts per payment method
  • Rabo OmniKassa, also check for Seal in response message from Rabo OmniKassa
  • Better handling of amounts and comma’s/dot’s for cciDEAL Links

cciDEAL 4.5.4

  • Virtuemart: update VMPAYMENT_IDEAL_PLEASE_WAIT in plugin language file to not have iDEAL in the text but “payment system”, most payment system’s support other payment methods too!

cciDEAL 4.5.3

  • Hikashop:
    • Switched to no base URL in redirect form for cciDEAL, because customers would set the URL incorrectly in Joomla config which would cause issues for the payment processing
    • Allow a preferred ID (order ID or order number) for bank statements for payments (supports HikaShop & Mollie for now)
    • Add check that description_id_reference is set at all before assigning it
  • NEW: cciDEAL Links, payments directly from a link, see manual
  • Minor code improvements, re-structure and added comments
  • Add explanation comment to test payment code in bankform function
  • Mollie:
    • improved Mollie notify script with more secure database query (less issues in the future!?)
  • Virtuemart:
    • Fixed a big where completed payments were not prcessed correctly
    • Improve process for ABN AMRO Easy, not redirect to VM more often
  • ABN AMRO iDEAL Easy:
    • removed old SQL to add log entry
    • make sure more data is given back via urlError (failed payments)
  • PHP 7:
    • convert from $this-> to self:: in other functions
    • convert function statuslayout to static
    • revert a few function’s back from static, convert from $this-> to self:: in other functions
    • remove PHP 4 style constructors in RSForm Pro payment plugins
    • update public function to public static function
    • fix PHP error with ING Advanced & Rabobank Professional

cciDEAL 4.5.2

  • ABN AMRO iDEAL Easy: removed old SQL to add log entry
  • ABN AMRO iDEAL Easy: make sure more data is given back via urlError (failed payments)
  • PHP7 fix: convert from $this-> to self:: in other functions
  • PHP7 fix: convert function statuslayout to static
  • PHP7 fix: revert a few function’s back from static, convert from $this-> to self:: in other functions
  • PHP7 fix: remove PHP 4 style constructors in RSForm Pro payment plugins
  • PHP7 fix: update public function to public static function
  • PHP7 fix: error with ING Advanced & Rabobank Professional

cciDEAL 4.5.1

  • Mollie API: updated mb_strtolower to strtolower as this could cause issues on some servers
  • Added links to mollie.com to configuration
  • cciDEAL Simpel/Content plugin: fix bug in experimental support for multiple extra_text fields
  • Add more log messages to the payment process
  • cciDEAL Simpel/Content plugin: fix issue where extra fields where not saved
  • Updating $_SESSION to JSession for Joomla 3.4.7 compatibility
  • Solution for session destroy in Joomla/Virtuemart etc when people leave for iDEAL
  • Bug fix, escape content that comes from RSForm Pro before inserting it into cciDEAL Payments table

cciDEAL 4.5.0

  • RSForm Pro & Mollie, TargetPay, Rabo OmniKassa
    • RSForm Pro & TargetPay, add support for custom descriptions, see http://www.chillcreations.com/manuals/ccideal-platform/290-adding-ideal-to-rsform-pro#extra-custom-description-rsform-pro-to-mollie
    • Added and updated language strings for Payments overview (and RSForm Pro Submission text)
    • Payments UI improvements, show “RSForm Pro Submission” description close to submission ID when article_extra_text is RSForm Pro Submission ID
    • RSForm Pro, added extra explanation, no code changes
    • RSForm Pro, added Belfius payment plugin (new payment method supported by Mollie)
    • RSForm Pro & Rabo OmniKassa, custom descriptions now also supported with Rabo OmniKassa payments – http://www.chillcreations.com/manuals/ccideal-platform/290-adding-ideal-to-rsform-pro#extra-custom-description-rsform-pro-to-mollie
    • RSForm Pro, add custom description to cciDEAL > Payments overview – see http://www.chillcreations.com/manuals/ccideal-platform/290-adding-ideal-to-rsform-pro#extra-custom-description-rsform-pro-to-mollie
  • TargetPay
    • TargetPay, added my own cacert.pem because (a) webhosters have outdated versions on their server and (b) TargetPay is too lazy to add one to their client themselves.
    • TargetPay, improved handling of multiple payment methods (specifically fixed RSForm Pro + TargetPay iDEAL bug!)
    • TargetPay, save TargetPay transaction ID to cciDEAL Payments database table as soon as the ID is known (before customer leaves the site)
  • Mollie
    • Add support for new Mollie payment methods Belfius, paysafecard, SEPA-incasso
    • Added logging message to Mollie layout (in ccideal view)
    • Mollie optimizations for notify URL, set to format=raw & try to disable gzip, hopefully fix most incorrect “Status betaling doorgeven niet gelukt” messages
    • Mollie optimizations, save Mollie ID before payment, better check for status in Mollie notify, added more log messages
  • Virtuemart
    • Virtuemart, get and add language code to cciDEAL url, to make sure the current user language is always saved and used (especially important with Rabo OmniKassa)
    • Virtuemart, get and add language code to more Virtuemart URLs during payments so stores more consistently stay in the users language
    • Virtuemart 2.6, remove contents from cart after completed payment (already fixed in VM3 plugin)
  • HikaShop, the payment plugin can now process payments in all currencies supported by Rabo OmniKassa, it is the users responsibility to select the correct currencies for his/her store.
  • Payments overview:
    • Payments overview, improved column widths
    • Payments, combined Extension and Extension ID columns, moved User ID column to “Extra info”, created link to user from User ID
    • Payments, combined Extension and Extension ID column (I think it more logical that way and saves space in the payments table)
  • Convert a few changed SQL statements back to format that works better for Joomla, make sure new rsformpro_ccideal_description is still added
  • Make sure administrator language file is also loaded in the site
  • Integrations view, removed J2Store plugin from view, currently not supported
  • Optimized language string to “Bericht bij geslaagde betaling” instead of “Bericht na bestelling” which might be confusing
  • Fixed useless errors in configuration when error Joomla reporting was set to “maximum”
  • Fixed potential bug where cciDEAL would get only configuration row with ID 1, when it should always get the latest row
  • Fixed bug in AKSubs notify process where incorrect users where  being activate after payments, thanks Vincent Verhoeven of buro26.nl
  • Installation script, automatically move module language files from component to module
  • Mollie, Sisow, TargetPay, hardcoded redirect URL parameters for a more stable experience on some servers
  • Improved ternary condition for log message logging_paymentmethod to be simpler
  • Improved logging message for “Start payment”, also show order number when it’s a test payment
  • Added log message to register the view and layout in bankform function/page
  • Added condition to payment method log message to make sure “not set” instead of nothing is shown, if user did not chose a payment method
  • Added “iDEAL logos 2015” image
  • Fixed bug where payment method was not always set correctly in components/com_ccidealplatform/controller.php
  • Added more log messages to controller.php (site)
  • Added another log message to ccideal.php model (site)
  • ING Advanced/Rabobank Professional Testform, removed a typo “>”
  • Updated default short text for pending payments to better reflect that the payment is indeed pending
  • Fixed issue (only in dev version) where status would always be “Failed” on return because a silly typo made by me
  • replaced some tags to in plugin XML files
  • Rabo OmniKassa, implemented better way to get current user language and send to Rabo OmniKassa during payments
  • Added more log messages during payment processing (disabled by default)
  • Akeeba Subscriptions 4 only: changed from including FOF to F0F (rename of library by Akeeba)
  • Integrations view, corrected paths to RSMembership and RSEvents XML files to collect versions (fixes false “Update” button)
  • Configuration view, add explanation to test payment button so it’s more clear what the button does
  • Integrations view: added “cciDEAL Simpel” to Content plugin in integrations view so it’s more clear they belong together
  • Added check to make sure the entered Download ID is correct (used regular expression), otherwise show warning (new and updated language strings)
  • UI improvements: improve configuration view layout and text (updated and new language strings)