Payment links with iDEAL and other payment method – cciDEAL Links

In addition to making payment buttons with cciDEAL Simpel, you can also create your own payment links: cciDEAL Links. You don’t need to install anything extra to use cciDEAL Links, it’s a standard part of cciDEAL.

cciDEAL Links can, for example, be used to create payment links yourself in external invoicing or accounting packages.


The link consists of the following customizable parts, you should leave other parts unchanged.

  • ordernumber=12345 – You can change the number itself, but it must be unique, for example a subsequent order or invoice number. Please note, it is best not to let this number be less than 12 characters, and it must not contain any special characters (not all iDEAL accounts accept this).
  • extn=Link – Lets cciDEAL know that payment is made for cciDEAL Links
  • grandtotal=125.00 – The total amount you want to have paid. Note, with a dot as a decimal separator.

Check amounts afterwards

Because the amount to be paid is in the link, the paying customer can adjust the amount before going to the payment environment. When using cciDEAL Links, we therefore advise you to always check the amount after payment before taking any further action.

Order number and Rabo OmniKassa 2.0

If you enter an order number in the link, you can see that it has been changed in the Rabobank interface. That the order number is changed is correct, that is necessary with OmniKassa 2.0 because it must be absolutely unique. And if you give your customers a URL, they can use that link multiple times or change the order number in the URL.

So cciDEAL always adds a part to the order number, and only does this with OmniKassa 2.0. Unfortunately we couldn’t make it into 12345-9061d1 because the – does not accept OmniKassa 2.0. What you can do is make your number 12345A and then you know that “your” number is the value before the A (or Y or …) and everything after the A is the unique value of cciDEAL.

Payment overview

Payments via cciDEAL Links are all fully registered in cciDEAL. The overview can be accessed via Components > cciDEAL > Payments in the Joomla menu. All information that your users enter during the checkout will be visible in this overview, even if the payment has not been completed (so you can see
which payments have failed). The status of the payment is also visible in the overview.

FAQ: Only iDEAL, or also other payment methods?

Question: Do own payment links in cciDEAL only work for iDEAL payments, or can you also offer other payment methods (Bancontact, Sofort, credit cards) via the payment button?

Answer: You can use multiple payment methods in your own payment links, but whether that is possible depends on your iDEAL account. For example, Mollie has implemented the payment methods in their system in such a way that if you activate several in their dashboard, they are automatically displayed when someone pays through your Mollie account. You can then use cciDEAL Links for payments with iDEAL, Bancontact, Sofort, credit cards and more!