How to only allow administrator access to ccInvoices

You can setup Joomla! ACL so that users in a certain user group can only view and use ccInvoices in the Joomla! administrator, and nothing else. This is an alternative to the need some people have to allow invoice editing in the Joomla! site. Using Joomla! ACL to solve this need is actually exactly what one of the goals of the ACL system is. And as a bonus, it’s pretty easy to setup! 

Setting up Joomla! ACL to only show ccInvoices 

Follow these steps to set this up:

  • Login to the Joomla! administrator
  • Users > Groups > Create a new group “ccInvoices” with group parent “Public”
  • Users > Access Levels > Edit “Special,” and add the “ccInvoices” group to the access Level.
  • System > Global Configuration > Permissions > Select “ccInvoices” > set “Admin Login” to Allowed
  • System > Global Configuration > Permissions > ccInvoices > Select “ccInvoices” > Set “Allowed”
    to all actions that you want the user to be able to perform
  • Users > User Manager > Add new User > Create a new user, assign to group “ccInvoices”
  • You could create a direct link on the site to http://www.yourdomain.com/administrator/index.php?option=com_ccinvoices called “Admin” or something similair for example to make it easier for the person that needs ot manage invoices to get access. 

That’s it!