Changelog for ccNewsletter

Always create a backup before you update!

ccNewsletter 4.0.0 May 15 , 2024 =
### NEW Compatibility with J5.1 + J4.4.4+ recommended technical
J5 -> recommended PHP 8.3 & MYSQL 8.1
J4 -> recommended PHP 8.2 & MYSQL 8.0
### Hikashop 5.0.4 compatible version with J5.1
### Virtuemart 4.2.4 compatible version with J5.1
### Fixes ccNewsletter to above
### Email Tracking updates for J4 & J5
### ccNewsletter Support request requirements adjusted
1. Recommended latest versions ccExtension, PHP, MYSQL, plugins required
2. Supply error notices with text if any (Servers issues cleared with own hosting ) required
3. Clarified issue including screenshots
4. When Migrating from latest stable J! versions (J4.4.4+) -> Mention & Include Migrate
history required. Note: J3 is no longer supported!
5. Include temporary admin credentials with above mention points
6. Active auto-renew subscription new clients required
7. Minimum 3 year consecutive active subscription history existing clients required

ccNewsletter 3.0.9 February 13, 2024 =
### Java Uncaught ReferenceError adjust

ccNewsletter 3.0.8  December 28, 2023 =

### NEW Joomla 5, Hikashop 5.0.0, Virtuemart 4.2, and PHP 8.2. Compatibility

ccNewsletter 3.0.7  September 22, 2023 =

### ECC+ integration Recatpcha

ccNewsletter 3 .0.6 March 27, 2023 =

### PHP 8.1 compatibility

CcNewsletter 3.0.5 January 25 , 2023 =
### ccNewsletter: Hikashop 4.7.0 compatible checked, Acknowledgment savings corrected & checked,

ccNewsletter 3.0.4 December 27, 2022 =

Compatibility & download compatibility: all ccExtensions to Joomla 4x on bleeding-edge server that uses PHP8 and MySQL8, all ccExtensions compatibility with latest release Joomla 4 incl. latest versions plugins used by ccExtensions & Joomla 3 on PHP7 running MySQL5.
Compatibility Set up: on Joomla 3, PHP 7, MySQL5 ( Note: support on some is either limited, stopped or about to end)

Compatibility Set up: on Joomla 4, PHP 8, MYSQL8

Note 1: Support for PHP 7 has ended Nov. 28, 2022.
Note 2: Support for Joomla 3x will end on August 17, 2023. We strongly advise to migrate to Joomla 4 before that time to continue being supported.
Note 3: VirtueMart -> We strongly advised to use only VM3 + J3 or VM4 + J3 or J4 ( We do NOT recommend VM3 on J4)
Note 4: As is the case with all minor or major extensions updates, we always advise creating a backup with Akeeba Backup first.

ccNewsletter 3.0.3 November 28, 2022 =
### ccNewsletter update, PHP 8, HikaShop checkbox

  • Hikashop checkbox display for ccNewsletter

ccNewsletter 3.0.2

  • ccNewsletter compatibility defining paths PHP 8
  • Subscription module fix

ccNewsletter 3.0.1

  • Fix notification installing ccNewsletter on Joomla 4

ccNewsletter 3.0.0

  • Compatibility with Joomla! 4.x & backward compatibility with Joomla! 3.x
  • Fixed deprecated features and bugs that occurred when migrating from Joomla! 3.x to Joomla! 4.x
  • Compatibility Joomla! 3.x & Joomla! 4.x with latest version of Akeeba.com

ccNewsletter 2.2.4 through 2.2.5

  • Remove hard-coded string for Match CAPTCHA and make it translatable
  • More improvements for PHP 7.2 compatibility

ccNewsletter 2.2.3

This is a security release! This release fixes two security issues. Recommended update for all users!

  • Fix two security issues in unsubscribe functions
  • Fix a bug in implementation of “Delete reports”
  • Fix PHP error in HikaShop plugin (PHP 7.x)
  • Fix PHP Error in Send Newsletter Interface (PHP 7.x)

ccNewsletter 2.2.2

  • Add option to delete individual reports
  • Module language files were not always installed correctly
  • Improve “Save as Copy” so it uses correct data and empties date
  • Improve and add new translation (strings)

ccNewsletter 2.2.1

  • Bug fix: newsletter archive was broken and didn’t show newsletters

ccNewsletter 2.2.0 – security update!

  • Security issue: make sure ID is escaped to prevent SQL injection
  • Bug fix for [unsubscribe link] not processing unsubscribe when users manually unsubscribes
  • Bug fix for [unsubscribe link] not generating for emails sent from site
  • Bug fix where updated groups where saved as new groups
  • Reformat and cleanup site controller files
  • Reformat and cleanup module files

ccNewsletter 2.1.9

  • Fix issues in Spanish (es-ES) language files
  • Make sure [unsubscribe_link] and [manage subscriptions] tags are disabled when newsletter is viewed online
  • Remove unused sendmail() function in site – newsletterarchive model
  • Added better check for moving module files during installation (prevents errors on some obscure servers)

ccNewsletter 2.1.8

  • Fix issue where “Last sent date” and “Total subscribers” was not updated in Newsletters overview
  • Disable unused reloadCaptcha() in module to fix JS console error
  • Added closing to Dutch language file for string in Newsletter overview, bug caused entire table to become the link
  • Fix “Illegal mix of collations” error when “User Sync.” is used

ccNewsletter 2.1.7

  • Fix Joomla 3.5.1 ReplyTo or “invalid address” mail error
  • PHP 7: fixed various PHP bugs including JSession error

ccNewsletter 2.1.6

  • Newsletter archive and sending: fixed various bugs including JSession error

ccNewsletter 2.1.5

  • Bug fix: make sure Reset button on search fields works
  • Added nl-NL translations by Nico van Leeuwen, thanks!
  • Updating $_SESSION to JSession for Joomla 3.4.7 compatibility

ccNewsletter 2.1.4

  • Make sure administrator language file is also loaded in the site
  • Add [manage subscriptions] tag and functionality
  • Remove the no longer working “Subscriber statistics” button
  • Added missing string to module language files
  • Installation script, remove incorrectly names modules with name “mod_ccnewsletter”, only “ccNewsletter” is correct
  • Installation script, corrected typo mod_newsletter to mod_ccnewsletter
  • Module, improved load_mod_bootstrap, added function_exists to solve conflicts on Joomla 2.5 when users create multiple ccNewsletter modules
  • Fix language string errors for ccNewsletter module (en-GB and nl-NL)
  • Updated CC_HELPFUL_HINTS language string
  • Added check to make sure the entered Download ID is correct (used regular expression), otherwise show warning (new and updated language strings)
  • Update link to JED in extension administrator footer

ccNewsletter 2.1.3

  • Added check to make sure the entered Download ID is correct (used regular expression), otherwise show warning (new and updated language strings)
  • Update link to JED in extension administrator footer
  • Make configuration view more friendly with quick links to sections and “Back to top” links (+updated language strings)
  • Acknowledgement > Deactivation mail was overwritten on update, corrected so user-entered data remains
  • Removed hard-coded loading of jQuery in results.js as it’s now handled by ccBootstrap (and can be disabled in the ccNewsletter configuration)
  • Added media/fonts to package so math captcha works correctly (was missing from build script)

ccNewsletter 2.1.2

Added extra checks to newsletter open tracking to get less false positives and be more accurate.

ccNewsletter 2.1.1

If extension redirects to Live Update (which was removed in recent versions of ccNewsletter) after updating, redirect it to Joomla! Extension Manager Update (so users don’t see an error that the view is missing)

ccNewsletter 2.1.0

New features

  • New extended tag format, example [unsubscribe link]your custom text[/unsubscribe link]
  • Updated module to allow unsubscribing with only an e-mail address (name no longer required)

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed bug where unsubscribe mail was not sent in some cases
  • Make sure a selection is made from the list before sending real or test newsletter is allowed
  • Layout and language improvements to remove and activate views
  • Fixed bug where with SEF enabled 500 error was shown,  removed default case in router.php
  • Fixed bug, commented line of code so pages other than subscribe are also shown correctly (newsletter archive, unsubscribe etc)
  • Minor layout improvements to site views (unsubscribe, subscribe, archive)
  • Added extra parameters to display() to fix Strict Standards error
  • Fixed “undefined” message when unsubscribing from module with empty fields, added alert message variables in unsubscribe onclick
  • Removed helper folder and contents (popup.php) as it was no longer used
  • Renamed call to ccbootsrap.php to ccbootstrap.php