How to change reCaptcha in CC Newsletter

To add the ReCaptcha  -> EasyCalcCheck Plus – ECC+ integration -> to your website you need to follow the below steps.

For protection form fraud and abuse, stopping bots and other automated attacks :

Follow these steps:

  1. Install and  enable  ECC+
  2. Enable  “Custom call”  in the ECC+ plugin settings (very important!)
  3. You can if you chooses to do so, configure other settings, such as selecting the reCaptcha to use in the subscription form.
  4. Go to Components > ccNewsletter > Configuration.
  5. In the Subscription Page section set Enable Captcha to Yes
  6. Choose Captcha Type as ECC+
  7. Proceed then to click on the Save button and submit.
  8. Check the ccNewsletter page or module at the front end of your website to see the changes.