Joomla! invoice extension

We have recently released ccInvoices 1.9 with a lot of code improvements and finally: update notifications and one-click "live update" functionality. Read on for screenshots and more information! 

Most of our time went into reviewing and updating our code to the latest web development standards. This is an ongoing task. You won't "see" these changes in the extension output itself, but you should feel them due to the increased stability of ccInvoices and the speed in which we add new features in the future. Part of the code improvements was the continuing conversion of ccInvoices into a user interface based on Bootstrap, just like Joomla! 3. 

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Joomla! 3.2

The new version includes a lot of new features and improvements. The tagline "Something New for Everyone" really says it all. Check out the below videos of my favourite new features and learn more. 

The cool thing about Joomla! 3.2 is that you will not realise how many improvements and changes have been made until you start using it. But the below videos will give you a good overview of the most important features and improvements. 

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Book about Virtuemart 2This week I got the chance to have a look at a new book about Virtuemart 2, called "Building E-commerce Sites with VirtueMart Cookbook". I was not expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised! The book actually explains everything in a way that is easy to understand even for less experienced users. 

I liked the fact that the book is not limited to just a boring overview of Virtuemart with the technical facts, but included explanations about SEO (search engine optimization), analytics (with Piwik) and template frameworks (Gantry and Warp). It even has a chapter about Virtuemart alternatives like HikaShop

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Newsletter component and module for Joomla!

Keeping up to date with your readers and fans is a task that is ever changing.  Although social media had received a lot of hype in the last years, you should not forget that e-mail marketing is still the most effective online marketing method. It's vital that you keep up with the latest trends in order to ensure people are being reached and informed.  As the internet evolves, so should your internet marketing techniques.  A Joomla! newsletter system is an excellent way to communicate with people in a hassle free way for them and you.  A newsletter provides so many advantages that to be without one means you are leaving a lot of people in the dark.  

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Joomla! shopping carts presentation at JUG AmsterdamOn September the 3rd I will be in Amsterdam to tell you all about Joomla! e-commerce. Off course I will cover Joomla! shopping cart extensions like Virtuemart and HikaShop and payment systems like iDEAL and Paypal. But I will also explain more lightweight solutions for selling products, downloads and services online on a Joomla! website with lesser known e-commerce extensions like TicketMaster, RSForm Pro and JoomISP. Visit the Joomla! User Group in the center of Amsterdam to learn more. Read more about the location and time here.

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Joomla! e-commerce presentation at JUG RotterdamNext week, on the 18th of June you can meet me in Rotterdam where I will be presenting about Joomla! shopping carts and e-commerce. I will focus on the two top e-commerce extensions, HikaShop and Virtuemart. But I will also pay attention to the creative payment extensions, like RSForm Pro, that you can use with iDEAL, so you don't have to install a complex Joomla! shopping cart at all. Feel free to drop by! Read more about the location and time here.

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