iDEAL logoWe have just released cciDEAL 2.2.4 which adds support for Virtuemart 1.1.6 to cciDEAL for Virtuemart. We also tested cciDEAL 2.2.4 with PHP5.3. Support for Virtuemart 1.1.6 and PHP5.3 are the only changes in cciDEAL 2.2.4, so you only need to upgrade if you want to start using Virtuemart 1.1.6 or PHP5.3. We do not advice upgrading to Virtuemart 1.1.6, as there are no security issues fixed, but 1.1.6 does add new bugs. If possible, wait for Virtuemart 1.1.7. 

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Joomla! E-commerce Joomla! e-commerce finally took large steps forward in 2010, with a few serious extension developers entering the ring with there brand new Joomla! e-commerce extensions. Some of the new extensions, like Magebridge, Tienda and redSHOP, are challenging Virtuemart head on to become the favorite e-commerce extension of Joomla! developers everywhere.

The state of Joomla! e-commerce blogs are a series about the developments in the Joomla! e-commerce area and my thoughts about those developments. Click the "e-commerce" label/tag to read more articles about this subject. 

Lets start of with a short history of Joomla! e-commerce and the primary player in that history: Virtuemart!

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ccInvoices and cciDEAL Platform are very stable

Good news if you were waiting for stable version of  ccInvoices (Joomla! invoicing) or cciDEAL Platform.

I have added a short message to their product pages to reflect that these extensions are very stable, but we still need to update the demo videos which mention that these extensions are still in beta. But you can absolutely purchase, download and use the current version on production websites. 

You might even like the new functionality you encounter when using ccInvoices, which is also not listed on the product page yet. 

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Joomla! Idea PoolAs Joomla! 1.6 is reaching completion, the Joomla! core team has opened the "Joomla! Idea Pool". It is a website based on Uservoice, collecting ideas for future versions of Joomla!

What is extremely cool about this site, is that everyone (including you and me!) can now suggest new features for future Joomla versions, and vote on them! You can now have a direct input into the future of Joomla!.

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An alpha version of ccNewsletter 1.1 has been sitting on the shelve for quite some time now. I think you will all agree that it is time for next version of ccNewsletter to see some sunlight!

In ccNewsletter 1.1 we are focusing on usability and front end viewing of newsletters. In the below demo video both are shown in the state they are in now. We plan to do some more changes, such as adding a proper "Actions toolbar" like you know from ccInvoices and ccVAOM.

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What about ccNewsletter Pro?We have communicated that we wanted to expand ccNewsletter with professional functionality for quite some time. And some of you have already asked us what the planned release date for this "ccNewsletter Pro" will be. Well, at the moment we have 2 batches of code:

  • ccNewsletter 1.1: with front end viewing of newsletters and revamped back end

  • ccNewsletter Pro 1.0: with multiple lists and auto responders

In this blog post let me tell you about our current plans. First off all its important that you realise you should not wait for ccNewsletter Pro. If you need certain functionality now, have a look at the Joomla! Extensions Directory and select a stable extension that has all the options you need.

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