iDEAL for Joomla!, HikaShop and Virtuemart

cciDEAL 4.2 is here, and it helps you accept even more payment methods relevant for the Dutch, Belgian and even German markets! It's an easy update, just install over your current version (backup first!), and it will allow you to increase your sales even more by accepting new payment methods. We have also merged ccOmniKassa and cciDEAL!


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ccNewsletter now supports newsletter statisticsWe have released ccNewsletter 1.6 some time ago and almost forgot to communicate an important new feature... newsletter statistics with "Reports"! You can now easily track the effectiveness of your newsletter. When you update (which is as simple as installing ccNewsleter 1.6 over your current version) you automatically start tracking Opens and Unsubscribes in your new newsletters, no setup required. Continue reading for a screenshot and explanation. 


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We have integrated ccOmniKassa into cciDEAL 4.1 and up, so cciDEAL now supports Rabo OmniKassa. We hope combining the two extensions will allow us to increase the speed of development and innovation of our payment extension. Read more to understand the consequences for existing ccOmniKassa and cciDEAL customers. 


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We are releasing one of the largest updates to cciDEAL ever, and this is just the beginning for 2014! Please welcome cciDEAL 4.0, the first version of the new cciDEAL generation, with at least 6 new feature releases already planned for the following months!

We started cciDEAL 4 as a major code refresh. With it's origins in 2008 (cciDEAL Virtuemart) and code rewrite in 2010 (cciDEAL Platform 1.0) it was time to have a good look at our code and do a large cleanup. That is now completed, making cciDEAL 4.0 easier to maintain, support and extend. This was needed because we have big plans for 2014. 

And, we even managed to sneak in a few fantastic new features in cciDEAL, read on for screenshots! 

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Newsletter module for Joomla!

The latest version of our Joomla! newsletter component has been released: ccNewsletter 1.5. Read on for screenshots and more information! 

To better match the new user interface in Joomla! 3 we have continued converting ccNewsletter layouts to the Bootstrap framework (or JUI as you might know it). In my opinion this improves consistency between Joomla! core and other Joomla! extensions that are based on the same framework. View the screenshot below to get a good impression of these changes.

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Joomla! facturatie extensie

We have recently released ccInvoices 1.9 with a lot of code improvements and finally: update notifications and one-click "live update" functionality. Read on for screenshots and more information! 

Most of our time went into reviewing and updating our code to the latest web development standards. This is an ongoing task. You won't "see" these changes in the extension output itself, but you should feel them due to the increased stability of ccInvoices and the speed in which we add new features in the future. Part of the code improvements was the continuing conversion of ccInvoices into a user interface based on Bootstrap, just like Joomla! 3. 

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