iDEAL logoJust a screenshot to give you an idea of what we are working on for cciDEAL 2.3.0. This is why we call cciDEAL the advanced iDEAL integration for Virtuemart. Its not just another "iDEAL integration", its a complete set of tools to improve your clients payments via iDEAL. 



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ccNewsletter Joomla! newxletter componentccNewsletter users, I believe we owe you an apology. In Twitter terms: "2009 was ccNewsletter #FAIL". Lets look back (not too long), and then forward to our plans for the future of ccNewsletter. Because, yes, we want to make it up to you. 


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iDEAL logocciDEAL 2.2 Stable was released last November, and I notice that the cciDEAL 2.1 users would like a more detailed explanation as to why they should upgrade (or not). Well, first of all, you dont need to, but it would be a good idea if you like improving your sales. 


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